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Speeding Scooter Rider Crashes Hard, Helmets Flying, But the Cigarette Stays

The basic scenario for this crash is the same we keep on seeing almost every time when it comes to scooters: riders with insufficient riding skills, traveling way too fast for a certain section of the road, (strapped) helmets being optional and eventually crashing hard, sometimes in most funny ways. Oh well, just sometimes, because in number of cases these crashes result in death or horrible mutilations and we’re just not going to go ogrish.
Speeding scooters on public streets are a menace 1 photo
This hero can be seen riding his scooter really fast around the bend. Again, well, not exactly around the bend, as he can’t actually make it past the turn safely and the force is throwing him into the opposite lane, in the face of incoming traffic.

Luckily, if we might say so, the car he impacts frontally is not traveling too fast and its driver also manages to spot danger second before the crash, thus reducing the force of the clash. After watching this video a lot of times, we can say that it’s almost certain that the boy with the blue backpack who appears to magically materialize on the road was a passenger on the speeding scooter.

We first though it was on the scooter traveling in the same direction as the camera car, but if you look closely until 0:05 or so, you can see the road between the seat of the scooter and his legs, and it’s obvious that no kid was present on the bike.

Fact is that the guy who appears to drive the incoming scooter can be seen thrown to the ground in the right side of the picture, impacted by the two-wheeler ridden by the fellow with the red jacket. The latter guy has not strapped his helmet properly as it flies off his head upon impact, and we can say he’s lucky to get away without a cracked skull.

As some Liveleak users observed, the fellow “earned extra points” for retaining the cigarette between his lips… definitely one trick you just don’t see every day.


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