Porsche Will Treat 10 Lucky People to an Exclusive and Electric $5,700 Experience

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Porsche wants you and a friend to visit Atlanta, Georgia, and have a good time. That is, of course, if you're fortunate enough to be selected. The German marque will pay for everything and put both of you behind the steering wheel of a Porsche Macan Electric. Yes, there will also be good food. Here's the gist of it.
If there's one automaker out there whose events are exhilarating, then that's Porsche. The thought of driving $100,000 sports cars on a track in great company and eating only the best foods can make anyone feel excited. After all, the Stuttgart-based brand knows how to make any of its paying customers feel special. You don't have to believe us. Just ask any member of the Porsche Club of America about such gatherings. They're not gatekeepers.

But here's a rare opportunity for anyone who hasn't yet joined the big Porsche family (and doesn't live in Hawaii or Arkansas): you could see how life feels when money is not a worry and great cars are at your disposal. In this particular case, the star of the show is the all-new Macan Electric.

Porsche will fly you (if you're going to be among the winners) and a friend to the automaker's Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Both of you will be accommodated at the Kimpton Overland Hotel for two days (one night), which, funny enough, is located at 2 Porsche Drive 30354.

Don't worry; someone from Porsche will pick you two up at the Hartsfield International Airport and drive you back. You don't have to arrange transportation.

Kimpton Overland Hotel
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The one thing Porsche is not buying for you and your buddy is travel insurance.

A trip to remember

The automaker will also give you a $300 e-check as a travel stipend to ensure a great stay and no financial effort from you and your travel companion. At the hotel, some of Porsche's partners might also treat the two of you to a couple of exquisite meals. A bespoke dinner on the house is guaranteed.

But you're not going to Atlanta to eat, sleep, and have a look around. The high point of the July trip will be the track experience. It includes a racing simulator session with guidance from an instructor, two demonstration laps on the track, and a few educational sessions about the Porsche Macan Electric universe.

Don't think that just because this sporty SUV is battery-powered, you won't be able to have a good time. Porsche is known for manufacturing great EVs. Just look at the Taycan. It has some pretty cool tricks up its sleeve, and it won't tap out as soon as the state of charge drops under 25 percent. The new Macan Electric builds on the first-generation Taycan's legacy. The SUV debuted an improved drivetrain, a much more interesting cabin, and added the convenience of slightly better ground clearance.

Porsche Macan EV in Provence paintwork
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Depending on the available models, you could be driving the $79,000 Macan 4 or the $105,300 Macan Turbo. The former has a maximum power output of 402 hp, a zero-to-60 mph time of 4.9 seconds, and a top speed of 136 mph, while the latter gets 228 hp more, shaves 1.8 seconds off the Macan 4's zero-to-60 mph time, and can keep going until it reaches 161 mph.

The biggest difference from a dynamic point of view between the two models is the torque: the Turbo version has 354 lb-ft of extra torque to play with. Since EVs can use almost all that instant power from the moment you press the acceleration pedal… Well, let's just say that you'll have fun.

Be prepared

So, what do you have to do to get a chance to drive one of these SUVs?

First off, you must be 21 or older, be a member of the Macan Insiders community, and have a driver's license (duh). Fret not; no club-like membership is required. All you have to do is sign up for a newsletter. Make sure you do so by June 11. Otherwise, you won't receive the email containing the dedicated link for the sweepstakes.

Porsche Macan EV in Provence paintwork
Photo: Porsche
Second, you need to complete a form to officially have a shot at winning. It's not enough to just sign up for that Macan Insiders newsletter. You must wait for the email that informs you about the PEC Atlanta event, read it carefully, and then fill in all the required information.

The draw is scheduled for June 21. If you win, you'll have time to prepare and take two days off work. The trip will start on July 16 and end the next day. You cannot choose any other dates. The German marque will also not give you $5,700 (the approximate cost of this experience) if you cancel or if the flight is delayed.

This raffle is the second one Porsche has organized to let select Americans experience the zero-tailpipe emission Macan. The first one happened three months ago.

Finally, there's only one thing we, the team here at autoevolution, can say: may the odds be ever in your favor!

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