Porsche Cayenne Turbo Engine Destroys Supercharged RR Sport SVR

Porsche Cayenne Turbo Engine Destroys Supercharged RR Sport SVR 4 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot/Carwow
Everybody thinks of the X5 M as the originator of the performance SUV lunacy. But there wouldn't be an X5 without a Range Rover, and the Brits were the first to stick a stupidly large and thirsty engine inside their agricultural equipment.
Of course, Porsche's Cayenne is also a mighty machine, not just for outright speed, but also for having some fun in an SUV, but it feels like they dropped the ball a little with the latest generation. The Turbo doesn't feel amazing, or groundbreaking like some of its predecessors did, but we know it's fast because it's got that enameled badge.

But enough of this rambling about history and heritage; we have a drag race on our hands, and it's a spanking of epic proportions. If you've followed the Range Rover Sport SVR, you'll know that it's very exciting due to its supercharged V8 sounds.

But that engine is also what's holding it back. The specs aren't terrible: 575 HP and 700 Nm of torque, compared to 550 HP and 770 Nm in the Cayenne Turbo. Even though Porsche gives you launch control, Mat Watson loses the launch, letting the SVR pull ahead.

But after the twin-turbo V8 kicks into action, it's able to pull the Cayenne much faster. Can you imagine what the same engine is going to be like with 600 HP in the Audi RS Q8? Or better yet, you can just watch the crazy 650 HP racing setup of the Lamborghini Urus as it walks all over the Range Rover and in turn get humiliated by the Tesla Model X.

But that's not a real SUV since it never does off-roading stuff. And to prove our point, Carwow finished things off with an off-road drag race where the Mercedes-AMG G63 joins our two rivals. Yeah, it's the most interesting thing we've seen all day!

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