Cullinan Looks Like a Chinese Knock-Off of a Rolls-Royce SUV, Chris Harris Says

Cullinan Looks Like a Chinese Knock-Off of a Rolls-Royce SUV, Chris Harris Says 1 photo
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Here's the thing. All journalists initially said they hate SUVs, and Chris Harris is still of that mentality. Also, they all said the Bentley Bentayga is ugly, and it's grown on people. But the Bentley Bentayga may be a lost cause.
Rolls-Royce design is unlike any other carmaker. It's a more functional luxury. Ignoring the Wraith, most of their models have kept that classic, understated appearance, and the Cullinan tries that too. But the proportions of a tall vehicle work against it.

Anybody can say a car is ugly because this is an entirely subjective idea. Usually, Top Gear presenter Chris Harris refrains from dishing out criticism, but he also ignores the SUV market for the most part. However, he got to sample the Rolls-Royce of SUVs and had harsh words.

“I have not met a single person who says they think the Cullinan looks good. Some people make excuses, but for well over 300,000 pounds (nearly 400,000 US dollars), you shouldn’t be justifying yourself by saying it doesn't look too bad," the reviewer points out.

He goes on to describe it as a Chinese knock-off of what they mean a Rolls-Royce SUV should look like. In fact, they might actually do a better job than this.

Harris does sweeten the deal by pointing out old Rolls-Royces would routinely go off-road. Does the name T.E. Lawrence ring any bells? Also, the Cullinan is extremely competent, easily the most comfortable SUV in the world, and not too slow as well. A recent drag race proved it's not in the same league as the Bentayga, and the G63 AMG would probably give it trouble too.

And perhaps its biggest asset is the price. Yes, being so expensive and unattainable makes it more profitable, since plenty of billionaires are trying to outdo each other with their purchases.

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