Peugeot E-3008 Will Be Presented on September 12, But You Can Already See It

Stellantis had revealed only a few things about the 3008 successor until a few hours ago. It disclosed it would be the first vehicle to present the STLA Medium platform, an architecture it talked a bit more about in July. That changed with the release of the first official images of the new electric SUV coupe, which will have its world premiere on September 12. That's a pretty unusual strategy.
Peugeot E-3008 23 photos
Photo: Stellantis
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In most cases, automakers disclose a few technical specifications and teasers while saving the design of the vehicle for its official presentation. That's what people are always more curious about. Yet, a recent leak showed us all what the E-3008 would look like before we were supposed to. I suspect this is the reason for this inverted order where we get to see the car before we have its specifications or teasers.

Thanks to Stellantis and L'Argus, there are some things we already know. The new SUV coupe was developed under the codename P64. As the first model underpinned by the STLA Medium, the electric version will be the one for which the new architecture was conceived. However, it is also flexible, allowing the 3008 with internal combustion engines (ICE) to also be on sale. Stellantis will use two mills with the new SUV coupe. Entry-level derivatives will have the 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder PureTech engine mated to a 48V mild-hybrid solution: the e-DCS electrified automatic transmission.

The plug-in hybrid version will use the 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder PureTech and should offer around 200 hp. Also equipped with an e-DCS gearbox – only with a more powerful electric motor (90 kW, or 121 hp) – the PHEV derivative will count on a 20-kWh battery pack.

Peugeot E\-3008
Photo: Stellantis
Considering the current 3008 HYbrid4 has only 13.2 kWh available, the new vehicle should have a much longer electric-only range. L'Argus talks about more than 50 kilometers (31 miles). However, that seems to be quite conservative. Stellantis discloses an official WLTP range of 60 km (37 miles) for the current PHEV. The third generation should deliver something closer to 100 km (62 miles), like the new Volkswagen Passat and its 19.7-kWh battery pack. Anything shorter than that will be a disappointment.

Anyway, Stellantis is focusing on the electric iteration of the P64. According to L'Argus, the E-3008 will have two battery pack options. The most affordable one will offer 86 kWh, while the one aimed at long ranges will come with 98 kWh. That should be enough for 700 km (435 mi) of range under the WLTP cycle. And this is not the only exciting news about these battery packs.

The 86-kWh unit is supposed to come from BYD, a company that has focused on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) with its Blade Batteries. That said, the entry-level E-3008 should come with LFP cells, which can be fully charged frequently and also last way more than the ternary cells we find in most battery electric vehicles (BEVs) currently for sale. This derivative should offer around 200 hp, with a single motor powering the front wheels.

Peugeot E\-3008
Photo: Stellantis
Stellantis discussed other aspects of the STLA Medium. Sadly, some of them may be a bit frustrating. It will work at 400V, which will require the driver to wait 27 minutes for the vehicle to charge from 20% to 80% capacity. Several competitors already work at 800V, a voltage that offers some advantages, such as faster charging speeds. The 27 minutes are probably the charging time for the 98-kWh battery pack. This high-voltage accumulator should have cells from Automotive Cells Company (ACC), which would present high-energy density. The E-3008 version with that battery pack will also count on an extra motor for the rear axle and should have around 300 hp. Stellantis should also offer a derivative with the largest battery pack and a single motor, targeted at customers willing to make the most of the energy they can carry.

When it comes to dimensions, the new 3008 should be slightly longer than the current generation to ensure the occupants will not miss headroom. The 3008 still for sale is 4.45 meters (175.2 inches) long, 1.84 m (72.4 in) wide, 1.62 m (63.8 in) tall, and has a wheelbase of 2.68 m (105.3 in). If it is longer, it should also present a longer wheelbase. Stellantis may also leave it with similar dimensions, allowing the new 5008 (project P74) to please families with taller children.

L'Argus also gave us an idea of the prices for the new SUV coupe. The most affordable 3008 should start at €40,000 ($42,856 at the current exchange rate), while anyone willing to have the E-3008 will not spend less than €50,000 ($53,570). It will probably take us longer to confirm than just some days. After the September 12 presentation, these folks will have to wait until March 2024 to drive their cars. Stellantis may decide to talk about prices only when deliveries are about to start.
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