Patent Reveals Possible Solution to Wipe the Tesla Cybertruck’s Flat Windscreen

The Tesla Cybertruck is a wacky-looking wedge on wheels and its windscreen is a flat slab of glass across its front. In concept form, it didn’t have any windscreen wipers, but it turns out Tesla has devised quite a special way to clean it.
Tesla windscreen wiper patent 7 photos
Tesla windscreen wiper patentTesla windscreen wiper patentTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla Cybertruck
Sadly it doesn’t involve shooting lasers at rain droplets, as much as we would have wanted that to be the case. The actual solution that Tesla will use is somewhat more conventional, and far less sci-fi, but, even so, it’s still a unique and novel way to keep rain from blocking the forward view.

According to a patent uncovered by Automobile Magazine, the Cybertruck will use a single wiper, but it won’t be your typical wiper and it won’t move in the traditional way. The patent was filed in March, 2019, and it reveals that the wiper will move from one A pillar to the other, in a lateral motion, remaining parallel to the A pillars at all times.

The wiper will move along tracks (one at the top of the screen and another at the bottom), and it will be pushed along by electromagnets. It will work much like maglev trains and it should provide provide cleaning for the entire windscreen surface.

In the patent filing, Tesla says this type of wiper would be ideal for cars whose windscreen has complex curves, but the Cybertruck’s perfectly flat screen would make implementing the tech easier. So for the first practical application of this tech, our hunch is that it really could be used on the Tesla pickup.

The Tesla Cybertruck is probably around two years away from going into production, and before it does enter production, Tesla will most likely show an actual pre-production prototype; what the manufacturer showed at the Cybertruck unveiling is really just a design study that was missing many essential details such as a way to wipe the windscreen, mirrors or more conventional wheels - even the (controversial) shape of the body is also bound to change.


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