Paris Hilton Hints at New Secret Project, Uses Her BMW and Pink Bentley for It

Paris Hilton hinted that she has a new, secret project in the works, and she only had one way to announce it: next to her custom cars, a Bentley Continental GT, and a BMW i8 Roadster.
Paris Hilton's Holographic BMW i8 Roadster 10 photos
Photo: Instagram / Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton's Holographic BMW i8 RoadsterParis Hilton's Holographic BMW i8 RoadsterParis Hilton's Pink Bentley Continental GTParis Hilton's Pink Bentley Continental GTParis Hilton's Pink Bentley Continental GTParis Hilton on Pronto YachtParis Hilton on Pronto YachtParis Hilton on Pronto YachtParis Hilton on Pronto Yacht
Paris Hilton just hopped on social media to share that "something's coming," with a video of her strutting down her driveway next to her custom cars. She walks past her holographic-wrapped BMW i8 Roadster before heading to her luxurious Bentley Continental GT and hopping in the driver's seat. Paris added on top of the video, "Me when I have a secret that's going to break the internet." She hinted she'll reveal what it is on December 30.

Whether it’s new music, a new sunglasses line, or more DJing events, Paris seems overly confident things will go great for her in the next year. The short video caught even Snoop Dogg's attention, who also reshared it on his Instagram Stories. While that could be a hint at whatever is coming, he might as well have been impressed with her custom rides, just like we are.

While we don't know what the upcoming secret reveal is, we have to admit that Paris knows how to show loyalty to her cars.

With a net worth of $300 million, Paris Hilton, the poster girl of living lavishly and “sliving” (her portmanteau word for slaying and living your best life) has had these two cars for a few years and doesn’t seem to want to replace them any time soon.

Let's take the Bentley Continental GT, for example. Paris has had this one for over a decade, although she could get any other luxury car available on the market. She purchased this coupe in the late 2000s and paid around $220,000 for it at the time. The Bentley received special pinkification from the famous shop West Coast Customs in 2012 and was also on display at SEMA 2012. And it often makes appearances on Paris’ social media account.

She's also had the BMW i8 Roadster for a few years. While it's not as pink as the Bentley, the roadster has a holographic wrap that is very on-brand for Paris.

The German brand unveiled the i8 Roadster in 2018 and it was available for purchase until 2020. Paris debuted hers in early 2020, and it came with a price of around $165,000.

Although she is hinting at her new secret, Paris is currently away in the Bahamas with her husband, Carter Reum, sailing on a luxury yacht. The two chartered Pronto, an 80 Power motor yacht from Sunreef Yachts for their Christmas holiday. And she just gave a short glimpse of the "lovely day" she's had on board, as they enjoyed breakfast on the vessel’s generous aft platform or watched the sunset from the deck. All before she's off to "breaking the internet."

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Editor's note: Later edit: the surprise project included a new version of her popular song "Stars Are Blind."

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