Old E36 BMW 3 Series Gets Amazing Cyberpunk Makeover

Some E36 BMWs are luckier than others: given the fact that this 3 Series generation was built between 1990 and 2000, many examples are currently in poor shape. Fortunately for the one that brought us here, this was selected as the starting point for a memorable build.
Old E36 BMW 3 Series Gets Cyberpunk Makeover 5 photos
E36 BMW 3 Series Gets Cyberpunk MakeoverE36 BMW 3 Series Gets Cyberpunk MakeoverE36 BMW 3 Series Gets Cyberpunk MakeoverE36 BMW 3 Series Gets Cyberpunk Makeover
The 3 Series Coupe has been turned into a drift tool and, judging by what we can see in the photos below, this is no low- budget adventure.

The simple styling cues of the factory design are now adorned with a widebody kit - both the front and the rear fenders come with vents and visible rivets, but this is not the part that draws the most attention.

That title has to go to the front end of the Bimmer. Thanks to the LED headlight (there's no plural here) and the overall color scheme of the machine, it looks like a member of the Cyberpunk culture. An added benefit of this look comes from the fact that the inevitable battle scars won't necessarily ruin the look of the vehicle.

Then there's the hood exhaust, which spits flames like it's nothing. This is connected to a (you guessed it!) 2JZ: the infamous Toyota mill obviously works with a monstrous turbine.

As part of the drift car treatment, the 3er Coupe was gifted with goodies such as lighter polycarbonate windows (these are part of a larger diet), a roll cage and a second cage that protects the engine bay in case the driver gets that kiss-the-wall moves wrong.

Other bits and pieces of the sort involve the custom wheels (their finish matches that of the uber-short exhaust), the extended steering angle and others - by the way, it looks like the sunroof is still in place.

The soundtrack is one of the spiciest bits of this BMW, as you'll be able to notice in the brief Instagram clip at the bottom of the page.


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