Nissan’s Clever Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Are you the kind of guy for whom bar, atm or psi don’t really mean anything, and you tire not being inflated means that the rim is touching the ground? Well Nissan has the answer for you, with their new and quite clever tire pressure monitoring system fitted to their latest Altima sedan.
The car’s sensors will let you know whenever any of the car’s tires needs inflating - nothing new here, we’ve had this in cars for a long time now, however, with Nissan’s system, as you are inflating, the hazard lights will blink as you are inflating, and the horn will sound once when the tire is fully inflated. If you put too much air in the tire, the hazard lights will blink faster and the horn will beep three times, letting you know that you’re putting too much air into the tire. When the proper pressure is reached, the horn will sound once again, letting you know that the correct pressure has been reached.

It isn’t extremely innovative, but it’s definitely a good addition to any car, as an under-inflated tire will make your car use more fuel, and may also compromise handling when pushed hard. It would also be amusing to show your friends, but only once, as you may lose their interest in a second session of tire inflation after seeing what the system can do.

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