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Nissan Working on Upscale Twizy EV

Japanese automaker Nissan has revealed plans to develop an upscale version of its Renault Twizy-based electric car.
Nissan Land Glider concept 1 photo
Even though it runs a fleet of rebadged Renault Twizy vehicles in Japan, where the tiny car is known as the New Mobility Concept, Nissan hasn’t started full production yet. Now, the company’s head of product strategy and planning revealed that Nissan is looking to create an improved Twizy as its next mass-production electric vehicle.

Little else is known about the small EV that “will combine the compactness and agility of a motorcycle with the weather protection and protective shell of a conventional car”, and it’s still unclear whether it will borrow design cues from the Land Glider concept or look like an updated Renault Twizy/Nissan Mobility Concept.

Renault sold more than 9,000 units of its Twizy city car in 2012 in Europe alone, outselling the Mitsubishi i-MiEV by more than 1,000 examples, despite the fact that the Japanese vehicle is also available on American and Asian markets.

Story via AutomotiveNews


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