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Nissan Will Take Legal Action Against Brexit Leaflet

Nissan is not happy with the unauthorized use of its logo on one of the leaflets concerning Brexit. The Japanese automaker is one of the brands that has been placed on a “Vote Leave” flyer, and the text above the company logo claims that the businesses below will remain in the United Kingdom no matter the outcome of the referendum.
Nissan Qashqai being built on NMUK Line 3 photos
Flyer that shows several trademarked logos for "Vote Leave" campaignNissan Qashqai being built on NMUK Line
Nissan has announced it will take legal action against the official campaign that promotes Great Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Not only does the Japanese company not support the “Vote Leave” campaign, but its logo was used without permission or approval of any kind. In other words, Nissan is not suing the “Vote Leave” campaign for its intentions, but for the way it used the trademarked logo and brand image.

Toyota, another Japanese automaker with a factory in the United Kingdom, was also displeased with the misuse of its trademarked logo.

Like Nissan, Toyota’s logo was placed in the “major employers” category, and the campaigners claimed that Japan’s largest automaker has no intention of leaving the UK if the referendum’s vote will be to leave the European Union.

Nissan has stated that it prefers Great Britain to remain a member of the European Union. The Japanese automaker will be issuing legal proceedings in Britain’s High Court to stop “Vote Leave” from using its name and logo, The Independent reports. Nissan also wants to prevent the campaigners from making any further false claims concerning the company.

Nissan and Toyota are not the only major employers in the United Kingdom to speak up against the unauthorized use of their logos and names in the campaign to leave the European Union.

The heads of Unilever, Airbus, and GE, all major companies with extensive facilities within the United Kingdom, have come forward to the media to criticize the “deliberately misleading” attempts of “Vote Leave” campaigners. To further stir outrage, the leaflet is printed on taxpayer money, and it is an evident effort of shameless propaganda.


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