Nigerian Man Builds an F1-Inspired Car and Drives It, People Throw Money at Him

The Bull “Monstar” is the name of this wannabe F1 car built from scratch. Now the owner got to the stage where he can drive it, and people are cheering him as he goes with it on the streets of Nigeria. Random persons even give him some cash, despite the fact that he didn’t ask for any.
Nigerian man and his F1-inspired car 6 photos
Photo: Ingichya Chingichya on YouTube
Nigerian man driving his F1-inspired carNigerian man driving his F1-inspired carNigerian man driving his F1-inspired carNigerian man driving his F1-inspired carNigerian man driving his F1-inspired car
How much free time and passion do you need to have to build a race car from nothing? A lot, we’d say. But what do you do when there are no engineers, no funding, no parts, no design experts involved, and you’re keen on showing that it’s an attainable goal against all odds?

We’ll guess this plan requires plenty of effort and a lot of devotion, especially when you think that this low-budget look-alike of the Lotus 99T is made in an African country that doesn’t necessarily have a strong racing heritage.

Truth be told, the F1-inspired vehicle is not a race car per se. It tries to mimic motorsport’s famous design, but it’s more of a motorized toy. Still, it shows that when there’s enough determination for a certain goal, nothing is impossible. This man might have not had access to machines and components that would facilitate the creation of a proper race car, but he still battled his way through all the challenges and prejudices. He created his own version of a race car, and he’s happy. Can you ask for more in this life?

The crowd is also enjoying the presence of this vehicle, as the video down below shows at least one person throwing some cash in the cockpit. Everybody's having a little bit of fun!

Even though there’s only this video available now and nothing else related to this project car, we can still make some observations. Considering the name Bull “Monstar” that’s hand-painted on the sides, the one driving might be a Red Bull fan. At the same time, the “Monstar” is a rather smart name since it can be interpreted as “my star” (“mon” meaning “my” in French) or “monster.” There’s also another simple explanation: longhorn cattle are popular in Nigeria, and these animals can easily become symbols.

The small wheels, the poorly cut vents, and the rough bodywork give it away, but the color scheme indicates a possible hint at Ayrton Senna’s Lotus 99T used in the 1981 F1 Championship.

Now, we can't help wonder: what will Police say about this project car when they see it?

If we find out more about this project, we’ll update the story. Stay tuned!

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