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Next Renault Twingo to Be Rear-Wheel Drive

In sharing its platform with Mercedes’ next Smart ForTwo, the Renault Twingo will also inherit that car’s rear-wheel drive layout. They are developing a common platform, called Edison, which is exactly what underpinned the shortened current Twingo mules which were spotted testing.
Renault Twingo / Smart Mule 1 photo
This makes the next Twingo an even more interesting proposition than we first thought, and if the information proves to be true, then it will be a totally new sort of vehicle for Renault. Also, if they opt to power it with their excellent TCE90 engine, which displaces 900cc and produces 90 hp, with the aid of a turbocharger, then we expect it to be a real driver’s car - hopefully.

Also, if Renault Sport were to ‘tweak’ it, and give it an even more powerful engine, its compact size and predictably low weight (all new cars are lighter than the ones they replace, and this trend will probably be maintained for the Twingo, as well), will bestow it with frisky handling and excellent performance - it will be a much more interesting buy, and it will probably steal a lot of sales away from the Fiat 500 and the turbocharged version of the new Opel Adam, which is set to make its debut next year.

Furthermore, along with this rather pleasing piece of information, Renault has also announced the introduction of a new low-cost hybrid, which was called a ‘transition technology’, by the company CEO, Carlos Tavares - no launch date, or any details for that matter have been released, though.

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