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New Toyota GR 86 Looks Insanely Cool With Rocket Bunny Widebody Kit

Tops Racing Arts Kyoto, also known as TRA Kyoto, has revealed its latest Rocket Bunny kit. The package is designed for the new Toyota GR 86, and the Japanese tuning house has announced on its Instagram that the kits are ready for order.
Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86 9 photos
Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86Rocket Bunny kit for Toyota GR 86
For the moment, we do not have a price for the Rocket Bunny kit for the GR 86, but we do have several renderings that show the Japanese sports car with the package installed. If we were to use the kit for the GT 86 as a reference, expect the Rocket Bunny/Pandem package for the GR 86 to cost around $4,000, with the price not including the rear wing.

As per the Pandem/Rocket Bunny kit for the predecessor of the GR 86, the package is focused on exterior modifications, even though the displayed car has a roll cage, race seats, and race harnesses inside.

Coming back to the Toyota GR 86 and the new tuning package for it, the Japanese specialists have managed to create another aggressive package for the vehicle. While the displayed car comes with slick tires and upgraded brakes, there is no word of such a package proposed by TRA Kyoto. The Brembo stickers on the sides of the car may be just for show, but they can become reality if that is what customers want.

As usual, owners of Toyota's sports car will have to look elsewhere for power upgrades if they want a car that will come with as much grunt as the Rocket Bunny kit suggest.

When design is concerned, the kit is striking, and the first thing you notice may be the duct in the front bumper that is meant to bring air straight to the air filter. The lower part of the front bumper also has a large opening, where the designer has positioned a large intercooler, which is actually not required by the GR 86 since it comes with a naturally aspirated engine.

While the front fenders do feature the KW logo, the Japanese tuning house has not specified if it fitted the company's Variant 3 coilovers or other suspension bits to lower the ride height and improve the GR 86's handling. On the flip side, you would need coilovers to lower a GR 86 that much, but we do not think it would be wise to drive it on public roads with such a low ground clearance.


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