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Perfect Pandem E30 BMW 3 Series Has 3.8L Swap

The E30 is a cultural icon, one of the cars that define the modern-classic BMW era. Tuning it is risky, and if you want to do it, make sure to take this perfect Pandem build as your benchmark.
Perfect Pandem E30 BMW 3 Series Has 3.8L Swap 4 photos
Perfect Pandem E30 BMW 3 Series Has 3.8L SwapPerfect Pandem E30 BMW 3 Series Has 3.8L SwapPerfect Pandem E30 BMW 3 Series Has 3.8L Swap
Pandem body kits set the standard for many years in the widebody business. However, it's not simply a case of slapping on some fender flairs and calling it a day. As things stand, the LTO kit is a little more interesting. But luck would have it that the best Live To Offend build and this thing were put together by the same shop.

More specifically, Mano Aguilian of Manofied made this car a few years ago. The major problem with the Rocket Bunny kit is that you can't just put it on and have the right look.

The original that Kei Miura sketched had big wheels or a really low body. To do that, Manofied had to "tub" the wheels and play around with the chassis bits under the engine bay. Seeing those 18x10.5-inch BBS wheels sitting snug with the body somehow makes it all worth it.

The 10-pieces Pandem kit adds about twin inches to the front and three at the back. It's also got the cutest ducktail spoiler ever.

The base vehicle is not the M, but a 1989 325is. However, it's now powered by something much better, a 3.8-liter out of an 535i of the same model year.

But doesn't the 535i engine measure only 3.4 liters? Yes, the "Big 6" has been updated a lot, now also sporting custom equal-length headers that lead to Borla true dual 2.25" piping, an X-pipe, and ATAK mufflers.

Perhaps the juiciest components on the whole car are the 2900 Series 50mm DCOE-type throttle bodies that Borla made just for the car. The result is 260 horsepower and 300 lb-ft, an impressive upgrade.


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