New Record! 1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible Sold for $226,000

It’s a great day for those that still have their Fox Body Saleen Mustangs hanging around. This auction proves the classic car market is still going strong, even though some watchers are disgruntled by the result. Here’s how this Ford ended up establishing a new record and making a lot of people clean, shoot, and put their vehicles for sale online.
1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible 11 photos
Photo: Craig_Brody on Bring a Trailer
1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible Interior1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible Dashboard1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible Underbody1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible Monroney sticker
In 1993, the Mustang SC came back into Saleen’s portfolio for just one more production year. It wasn’t Saleen’s decision. Ford decided to give up on the Fox Body Mustang, so the tuning house obliged. The company sold just five of these heavily modified Mustangs, out of which just three were convertibles. The original cost for the 1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible was $44,490. In today’s money, that would amount to almost $86,000. As you can see, it wasn’t a cheap car at all.

And it couldn’t be, considering it has a supercharged 5-Liter V8 under the hood, a five-speed Tremec manual transmission, a limited-slip diff, a power-operated soft top, the Spyder package, new suspension, new brakes, a Saleen body kit, and spoiler, a reinforced chassis, Recaro front seats, cruise control, some spare parts, the original Saleen books, service records, and a 29-year-old track with no accidents.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is clear that having a Saleen Mustang like this one in your driveway or garage would make you, your neighbors, and the community smile every once in a while. It is a rare car, even though we’re talking about the same well-known Fox Body Mustang.

1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible
Photo: Craig_Brody on Bring a Trailer

Problems? Just some!

But this muscle car came with some issues spotted by some of the auction watchers. One Saleen owner said the car couldn’t have just 11,000 miles on the odometer. “No driver seat bolster shows that much wear with 11k miles. No driver's sun visor shows that much wear with 11k miles. There is not a single part on the undercarriage or within the engine bay that would suggest 11k miles. The door jams and keyholes are not representative of an 11k-mile car. I’m not talking about the dirt grease and grime, I’m talking about obvious excessive wear and tear everywhere,” said this person before concluding his take on the matter with an important statement. They explained that despite the situation observed in the photos and videos, the 1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible is still “one of the most collectible cars in the world.”

But the owner of the car answered and cleared things up. He explained that after paying the car off in 1998, he did not drive it much. He started enjoying it back in 2018 because he was more focused on the other vehicles he had in the collection, like the 1965 Shelby GT-350 or the 1970 Lamborghini Miura S. Clearly, the man’s a petrolhead.

Someone else got involved in the discussion and pointed out seeing a local Ford dealer that disconnected the speedometer for test drives.

A lot of back-and-forth replies were published during the auctioning period.

Money talks

Bidders, however, didn’t care much. The whole process started with a $5,888 opener that quickly transformed into an overbid of $41,000. The price doubled after someone else bid $50,000, reaching the $100,000 mark in just ten minutes. Then, the big players joined in. The $150,000, $175,000, and $185,000 price points could’ve been seen on the same day.

1993 Ford Saleen Mustang SC Convertible Underbody
Photo: Craig_Brody on Bring a Trailer
The last auction day brought real action when the bids went over the $200,000 mark.

People congratulated the owner for going public with the car, while most Saleen owners would just keep everything in the tight community they formed over the years. What nobody expected, though, was to see this one-owner vehicle being sold for $226,000 at a BaT auction.

At the end of the day, it might be “Ferrari money” for a Fox Body Mustang, but this is a very special car, made in limited numbers, that carries with it to this day everything great about the 1990s.

You can bet that a lot more of these special Ford Mustangs will start popping up online. After all, Bring a Trailer is doing for classic cars what eBay did for classic watches - almost everything that's a tad bit desirable will go up in price.

Saleen is continuing its activity as an American automaker even today. The company’s getting ready to introduce the special packages thought out for the coveted Bronco while having on offer the Saleen 1 and the Saleen Mustang 302. The latter can put out 500 HP in the “White Label” spec, while the top version called the “Black Label” can top the chart at 800 HP.

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