$25 and Luck Can Get You This 800-HP One-Off Saleen Mustang “Blazing Fury"

Saleen Mustang 302 Black Label "Blazing Fury" 6 photos
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Saleen Mustang 302 Black Label "Blazing Fury"Saleen Mustang 302 Black Label "Blazing Fury"Saleen Mustang 302 Black Label "Blazing Fury"Saleen Mustang 302 Black Label "Blazing Fury"Saleen Mustang 302 Black Label "Blazing Fury"
We all know how raffles work: you buy a ticket, you say your prayers, you don't win, you go on with your life swearing you'll ignore all sweepstakes from then on, only to come across one with an irresistible prize that makes you forget (or rather choose to forget) about anything bad that happened in the past.
Well, if there was ever a lottery prize guaranteed to make even a recovering gambler forget about their oaths, this has to be it. It's a 2019 Saleen Mustang S302 Black Label, but even if that alone would be enough to make it a mouth-watering proposition, this particular car has more going for it. After all, how many cars with their own name do you know, not to mention it's called "Blazing Fury"?

For starters, it wears the signature of Steve Saleen himself, both literally (the man signed the car), and figuratively (it's been customized by him personally). It has also acted as the pace car for the Saleen Cup Race Series, so it has some indirect motorsport pedigree as well. Finally, and this might put the tiniest dent in the car's resume, it served as a press car for a while, which means it has seen its fair share of abuse.

However, the "Blazing Fury" is no show car, so it was built to take it. It has beefier brakes, custom suspension, an upgraded oil cooler, and a three-inch exhaust that will make everyone on a one-mile radius aware of its presence. As for the engine, it uses the 302-cu in (5.0-liter) supercharged V8, except here it makes even more power than the 5.2-liter unit in the GT500—800 horsepower, to be exact. It also uses a six-speed manual, further setting it apart from the most powerful stock Mustang money can buy.

Speaking of money, a brand-new Saleen 302 Black Label will set you back a minimum of $77,545, but this one can be yours for just $25 and a ton of luck. That's because Saleen was kind enough to offer it as the prize for the lottery organized by America's Automotive Trust. The $25 get you 12 tickets, but you can go as high as buying 2,400 of them, albeit for $1,200.

The money collected will go toward America's Automotive Trust's mission of "securing [the American] automotive passion and heritage for future generations," something that's probably never been more needed than these days when electric propulsion threatens to take control.

The winner also has the option to choose a cash prize of $50,000, though we're pretty sure that's only there because of legal requirements since nobody in their right mind would ever consider it even for a second. However, before the prize becomes eligible, organizers must collect a minimum of $200,000, with the current total sitting at $40,805. Make that $40,830, right after I get my wallet.
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