Naturally Aspirated vs Turbocharged BMW Engine Sound Showdown

BMW F10 M5 vs E92 M3 1 photo
Photo: Alex Stone
Before you watch the video below, make sure you have a good pair of headphones on and the volume set somewhere in the middle range. That’s because you’re about to hear two BMW engines that made history.
The first one is still in production and goes by the codename S63Tu. It has a 4.4-liter displacement and it’s a V8. Making 560 HP and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft) of torque, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t a naturally aspirated unit. Actually, it uses a pair of turbochargers, fitted with BMW’s TwinPower technology.

That engine is currently being used on the M5, M6 Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe and the SUVs in the M range, the X5 and X6. For a couple of years, it will stay in production, you can rest assured, until the downsizing trend will force the Bavarians to take it down a notch.

The other engine featured here is a true legend. Being used only on the E9x M3 models, the S65 units was initially derived from the S85 units created using Formula 1 technology.

The 4-liter V8 makes 420 HP and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque, without using any kind of forced induction. It’s all natural, as you’d say. That’s also true for the engine noise that doesn’t have any kind of turbo whine in the background.

Being the last naturally aspirated engine ever made by BMW the legendary status was reserved for this unit from the get go.

Now, you have to choose between the two in terms of exhaust sound. In the video below you get to see one F10 M5 and two E92 M3s going all out on a short strip. Which one do you like best?

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