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Mystery of That Viral Jeep Grand Cherokee Stuck in a Mountain of Snow Explained

For the daily dose of awesome, unbelievable or just plain weird, or all of them at once, count on the Internet to deliver. Like this viral story about a Jeep stuck high up in a mountain of snow.
Jeep Grand Cherokee stuck in a mountain of snow baffles the Internet 3 photos
Jeep Grand Cherokee stuck in a mountain of snow baffles the InternetJeep Grand Cherokee stuck in a mountain of snow baffles the Internet
The other days, photos of an older-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee stuck high in a man-made mountain of snow emerged online. They popped up at about the same time on social media and on reddit, and they immediately sparked a heated conversation: was this “a Jeep thing,” or was this a case of a very angry or very inattentive snowplow operator who kept piling up snow with no consideration for the Jeep stuck in it?

As of the time of press, the Internet is still discussing these two options, at least on reddit. And while both sides are arguing, they’re in agreement over one thing: this has to be the strangest and most WTH photo of a Jeep in a very long time. In fact, it’s second only to that Wrangler that got stuck hanging off a mountain ridge on a narrow bike trail in September 2020.

Within hours of the story going viral, the mystery has been solved. Sadly, it’s less spectacular than you might expect: as it turns out, this is a planned stunt and it happens every year, Jalopnik writes.

The Jeep was spotted in a Pennsylvania parking lot, which is attached to Marion Auction, an auction house that sells farming equipment. Each year when it snows heavily, they do something like this, but they usually attach a sign that doubles as a PSA, such as “Don’t text and drive.” “This year’s Jeep had had its catalytic converters hacked off, and though it could be made drivable, the representative told me, the company decided to just bury it in the snow mountain,” Jalopnik writes.

This year, for whatever reason, they went without the sign, which led to the confusion, which turned the Jeep into a viral star. According to The Drive, the stunt even resulted in several calls to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, because too many passers-by assumed the Jeep had been in some sort of strange accident.

If there ever was a missed chance for a viral PSA on the dangers of reckless driving, this was it.


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