MSO Will Gladly Lend You An S70/2 V12 While Your McLaren F1’s Engine Is Rebuilt

Can you believe that, as of the past weekend, the McLaren F1 is a quarter-century old? 25 years since it was launched, the F1 still the fastest freely-aspirated supercar ever built, and it continues to look utterly magnificent.
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When it was new in 1994, then’s fastest production car on the face of the Earth came with the most ludicrous sticker price of them all. As it’s often the case with instant classics, the original MSRP of $810,000 is eclipsed by current valuation. In this day and age, the grandfather of the hypercar sells for million of dollars. The ultra-rare LM or High Downforce-spec F1 are even more costly, buy hey, we’re talking about a rare breed here.

Including the prototypes, the Woking-based company built only 106 F1s. Being the car that put McLaren on the map as an automaker, it’s hardly surprising that Macca offers the best after-sales service possible. Such a high-performance machine demands specialized servicing, and of course, engine-out maintenance. And did you know that while a customer’s car is getting its BMW-sourced V12 rebuilt, McLaren can fit a loaner engine?

Here’s the extent of the deal: MSO still has original spare engines, one of which is used as a loan motor.” More to the point, the customer in need of an engine rebuild “can continue to drive their car.” How’s that for a five-star service? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. The Special Operations division, for its part, can spruce things up with retrofit upgrades for the F1.

Be it the LM-derived titanium sports exhaust made from titanium or Xenon headlights, MSO has got you covered. And in the case an owner crashes his car, McLaren still has the original tooling for the carbon fiber bodywork and monocoque. Components with limited life, such as the FIA-compliant rubber fuel cell (needs replacing every five years), are available off the shelf.


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