Motorcycle Thugs Look like They Need Another Manhattan Brawl

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Photo: Washington Post capture
Watching videos like the one below must certainly cause frustration for a lot of motorists. I am a pedestrian, a cyclist, a motorcyclist, and a driver, and by the time the video reached its end, I was already feeling like I could do some bare knuckle justice.
This hooligan parade took place on the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on December 27, 2015. By the next day, the Maryland State Police had not taken any action, save for some faint declarations saying that "such occurrences were not unusual in warm weather."

Despite having received "thousands of calls" from motorists about this, the cops did not make a move, the WP reports. But we'll let the local community leaders question the Maryland Police for their lack of reaction.

Footage from such "parades" is widely available on the Internet, and the cops seem to tolerate this behavior tacitly. Why this is happening is below my power of understanding, but I cannot help remembering what happened when a similar group of unruly idiots met the wrong guy.

The cops seem quite fine with this type of illegal behavior, and by doing this, they are calling for a new Manhattan Brawl

Obviously, I am talking about the Manhattan Brawl incident that took place in New York in late September 2013. A similar "parade" blocked the traffic and ended in a very nasty way.

Driver Alexian Lien was stopped in traffic and threatened, and fearing for his and his family's safety, he drove through the group. His Land Rover ran Edward Mieses over, causing him permanent paralysis. With slashed tires, Lien came to a halt and was beaten by the angry mob.

Lawsuits are most likely not over yet, but regardless of their result, this whole story has only one moral, that such two-wheeled idiots should no longer be allowed to act this way.

And motorists who are normally law-abiding citizens have even more reasons to fell frustrated and discriminated. Riders and drivers alike would be pulled over and get a ticket for doing several miles over the speed limit, even though the social hazard of their driving is incomparably lower than what this bunch of knobs are doing.

Can you picture yourself in an emergency situation, driving with your delivering wife, injured child or dying friend in the back of the car and having to put up with these idiots' tantrums and pathetic stunt attempts? Please do, and this goes out for the cops, too.

And then you wonder why a guy who's already in a crisis will drive through this herd of idiots and not care what he or she leaves behind... Seriously, cops, this crap needs to stop. Get their plates and track them down... oh wait...

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