Jeep Driver Jumps Kerb to Pass Group of Riders, Things End Up Messy

This could have ended badly 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
If anything, this video is the perfect excuse to take sides and segregate between riders and drivers. And this goes perfectly for the rather few riders who don't drive, and for the much more numerous drivers with no idea about what motorcycling is about.
I will not take sides this time because I am also a pedestrian, a cyclist, a motorcycle rider and a driver. To me, it looks like both the group of riders and Jeep driver have their share of guilt in this one. How much each "side" is to blame is up to you.

However, I can swear that none of this would have happened if the riders had been a little bit more considerate and refrained from blocking the SUV. How come that the Jeep ended up in the right lane instead of using the leftmost one is still a mystery. That lane looks vacant and suitable for slowly and carefully passing the riders' group.

Blocking an empty lane "just because" can cause people to become angry

Frankly, if I were the driver, seeing one of the bikes pulling in front of me and blocking the road for no reason would look badly. The right lane is free, and one could assume a driver would be careful enough when passing the group.

Even more, in such circumstances, seeing a large group of riders not acting like they own the street would make me respect them more. I have ridden in huge parades on multiple occasions and even marshalled several times.

Whenever it was possible, we made sure the traffic was hindered as little as possible, simply because we knew that some people may have an emergency. Letting people pass you when you can avoid taking up the entire street is a sign of respect, the same respect many riders demand from other road users. Basically, respect is a two-way street, it's as easy as that.

As for the fact that these riders were veterans, with all due respect, but the laws apply to them, too. I am not defending the driver, the fellow clearly broke the law and could have injured more than one rider, but he is definitely not the only one that must be blamed.

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