Halloween Costumes Are Fun but Can Be Dangerous When Riding a Motorcycle

That tail doesn't look safe 1 photo
Photo: Instagram capture
We've seen a lot of guys riding around the Mulholland Snake, guys that sucked big time, guys nailing those beds like aces, old fellows, sidecar guys, dumb riders crashing into cyclists, and all. You name it - there's probably footage of it on YouTube.
However, seeing people wearing all sorts of costumes, from creepy to funny ones and heading for the Snake was a box we still had to tick on the list, at least until now. The Snake's most famous video guy, Rnickeymouse, has documented this, so we can check this off the list.

For some reason that still eludes us, some fellows seem to miss out the fact that Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary. Dressing up for a mask party doesn't seem to cut it, but apparently, everything goes. The same goes for the slutty dresses some ladies choose for Halloween; slutty is slutty, scary is scary, at least in our book.

The tail can backfire

Now, as funny as the short video below may look, at the end we can see a rider who should be thankful if he got back in one piece that day. It's the guy who is dressed in the brown monkey costume, and to be more specific, it's his tail that could get him in trouble.

As he rides, you can see the tail waving in the wind, but it appears to be long enough to be caught in the chain or the rear wheel. Now, the tail would most likely be ripped off in such a case, and we doubt this would take the rider down.

However, the very scenario may startle the motorcyclist and cause the rider to lose control of the bike. Likewise, having a three-feet tangled in the rear sprocket or pulled into the front one is far from the ideal conditions for a ride around the snake.


#Holloween Riders. Thankyou everyone who rode in costume today. Made the day even more awesome! @brappytheclown @alan_mata_650r @vinnydrz @miss_hannah_24 @drz4life @scsm_hooligans •• Help me tag •• #mulholland #costume #it

A video posted by Rnickeymouse (@rnickeymouse_) on Oct 31, 2015 at 6:39pm PDT

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