Lithuanian Police Officer Accidentally Runs Fleeing Rider Over

This rider is about to be accidentally run over by the cops 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Each time I see such footage, my feelings are mixed, because the truth is always somewhere halfway between each opinion. And like almost everytime, someone gets hurt, even though all the pain, injuries and trouble could have been avoided fairly easily right from the start.
However, even if we have two videos of the crash, the info is scarce, so passing judgement is a rather risky thing. For starters, it is rather weird to see the cops deciding to pursue the rider. Coming from opposite directions, it was impossible for the police workers to determine whether the bike had a license plate or not.

There is a possibility that they were, in fact, looking for this very guy, after being alerted by their colleagues, some say. Still, why aren't they using the siren from the very beginning of the chase, then?

Closely pursuing a rider comes with risks that are easy to foresee

Second on the weird facts list is the small distance between the car and the bike. The motorcyclist is obviously not an expert rider and neither is he riding the right bike for venturing off the tarmac, let alone trying to evade the cops.

So the officers could have easily understood the latent risks their close pursuit faced and backed off a bit. The fact that the chap was not up to the task of losing the cops on the dirt road should have been more than obvious. This might be used against the cops in the court of law, some say.

After the rider fell to the ground and the officers failed to brake in time, reports say that the two actually left the guy under the car. Allegedly the driver said that he was afraid to worsen the potential spinal injuries if he moved the car. A crane was called at the crash site, but it still puzzles me that the cops didn't think to use the car's jack.

The same reports say that the rider,19, suffered sternum and hip bone fractures, and toxicology investigations determined that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

Frankly, I'll just leave the conclusions to you...

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