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There's No Telling How Lucky This Rider Is

There is hardly a road user that has never made any errors. These things happen, and the list of reasons that cause them is huge. However, making errors when on two wheels can have dramatic consequences and this is where the need of not being an ignorant rider kicks in.
This is one truly lucky save 1 photo
Unfortunately, when it comes to scooter riders in many Asian countries, we get to see so much recklessness that it almost scares us. Speeding is probably the biggest plague when it comes to these fellows, as we've seen them riding like they were street racing in scenarios that spelled danger at every turn.

Somehow we grew to understand that these chaps are simply not caring too much about their own safety, no matter how intriguing this might appear to us. Riding without helmets, 4 or more people on a small bike or scooter, and similar things can be seen pretty much anywhere in Asia, albeit this is not the rule of thumb.

When it comes to the rider in the video below, speeding is, according to the Chinese police, the factor that caused the crash. The cops say that the rider actually saw the incoming truck but could not avoid the collision because of the high speed he was traveling at.Scooters and hard brakes have never been the best of friends
As for common scooters that can be met by the throng on the roads of China, they are anything but high-performance machines. They can build up speed, but when it comes to braking hard, saying that most of them are lousy is an understatement.

It's not easy to understand why this rider wiped out as he braked for dear life. Still, it looks like the brakes did their job to a certain degree and at least saved him from a gruesome fate.

Should the guy's trajectory intersect that of the truck's a fraction of a second earlier, having the lorry's rear wheels running him over would have been the end of everything. Luckily, he gets to live to ride some more, hopefully knowing that he spent all his luck on this save.


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