More Cybertruck Failures Leave Owners Stranded, but People Still Love the Truck

More Cybertruck failures leave owners stranded 8 photos
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More Cybertruck failures leave owners strandedMore Cybertruck failures leave owners strandedEarly Cybertruck owners discover that Tesla's electric pickup is far from perfectEarly Cybertruck owners discover that Tesla's electric pickup is far from perfectEarly Cybertruck owners discover that Tesla's electric pickup is far from perfectThe Cybertruck screen went blankThe Cybertruck screen went blank
The Tesla Cybertruck might be the most abused car model on the market, but it seems like the failure rate is higher than anyone expected. Many owners report catastrophic failures or being locked out of their vehicles. What do they have in common? They all start their story with, "I love Tesla and my Cybertruck, but..." 
Many new car models have teething problems, which is why it's good advice to never buy a new model in the first year after launch. Wait until software or hardware issues are ironed out and benefit from the improvements the carmakers make down the road. This way, you wouldn't need to say, "love X car model, but..." followed by an example of why everyone should stay away from said model.

This is not different regarding Tesla, which has made a "sell-now, fix-later" reputation. Early units rolling off the production lines often suffer from issues ranging from disappointing build quality to software issues and even structural problems in some cases. As production ramps up and the manufacturing process improves, these issues are solved, and the chances of getting a mature build improve.

The Cybertruck is still fresh on the market, and it has many cutting-edge technologies, not to mention an untested manufacturing process and the pressure of delivering as many as possible in the shortest time. The Cybertruck uses massive megacastings, a stainless steel outer shell, a 48-volt electrical system, and a steer-by-wire system that are unique in the automotive industry. Those expecting it to be perfect may be in for an utter disappointment.

Reports of Tesla Cybertruck misbehaving have been pouring in lately. However, not all Cybertruck owners have had a bad experience owning a Cybertruck. Many praised the comfortable suspension, space, and features despite minor setbacks like misaligned body panels or software issues. However, others have been hit with more severe problems, sometimes leaving them stranded on the side of the road. Unfortunately, such instances have happened quite often lately, making owners question Tesla's quality assurance.

After some reports of infotainment screens going blank a while back, more Cybertruck owners have complained about their Cybertruck dying on them. In some cases, this happened at the most inconvenient time, when they were road-tripping with the family. "Love Tesla and my Cybertruck but 'catastrophe failure' with steering and brakes while on a road trip with wife and toddler…. Pretty pretty pretty not good," wrote one Cybertruck oner.

To make matters worse, no one was available at the Tesla Service Center on Sunday to help them. This is not an isolated case, unfortunately. Another Cybertruck owner wrote on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum that the truck died after only two days and 72 miles into the ownership. Not the ideal situation when you pay more than $100K to buy the car of your dreams.

"I've had my truck for two days, got in this morning, everything was on," user Cybercor wrote. "Went to press the brake to put it in reverse and everything went black. Power door button wouldn't even let me out, had to use manual release to get out. I cannot get back in either. My battery is at 40%, so no it's not dead."

So far, Tesla Service Center said the compressor is to blame without offering more details. Other Cybertruck owners have had software errors, while some complained of faulty rear steering actuators. It appears that this is a common issue with the Cybertruck because Tesla is now offering a different steering actuator with newer builds. There's also a service bulletin instructing the Service Center to retrofit the updated actuator. The good news is that the newer part will tighten the turn radius, making the Cybertruck even more maneuverable.

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 Download: Retrofit Updated Rear Steering Actuator (PDF)

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