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MINI Cooper's Bicycle Division Unveils Four New Classy E-Bikes With Hidden Drive System

MINI Cooper’s two-wheeler division recently launched a new generation of electric bikes, four classy models that boast of being almost indistinguishable from a conventional bike, thanks to a barely visible drive system placed in the rear wheel hub.
Cooper Bikes launches its new generation of e-bikes 8 photos
Cooper Bikes launches its new generation of e-bikesCooper Bikes launches its new generation of e-bikesCooper Bikes launches its new generation of e-bikesCooper Bikes launches its new generation of e-bikesCooper Bikes launches its new generation of e-bikesCooper Bikes Zehus rear-wheel driveCooper Bikes launches its new generation of e-bikes
Cooper Bikes’ wheelers are made in Germany but have a Brit design to them and you’ll understand what I mean when you first lay eyes on them. This second generation of e-bikes introduces us to four bikes: the single-speed CS-1E, the CR-7E Randonneur, and two urban commuters for men and women, respectively, namely the CG-7E and the CL-7E.

All bikes come with a 250W Zehus Gen2 rear-wheel motor that delivers 40 Nm of torque and supports a top speed of up to 25 kph (15.5 mph), which is the European legal limit. And to make the bike look even closer to a conventional bicycle, the manufacturer integrated the 173 Wh battery into the motor. Three hours are required for it to fully charge and offer up to 60 km (37 miles) of range per charge. These may not be the most impressive numbers in the industry, but this disguised all-in-one Zehus motor is touted by Cooper Bikes as one of the lightest drive systems in the world, tipping the scales at just 3 kg (6.6 lb).

Another highly praised feature of the Cooper Bikes is the hybrid drive. All four bikes use the smart KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) technology, contributing to an extended range. The system recovers energy while braking or going downhill and is activated by pedaling backward continuously when riding. The bike will slow down a bit but charge the battery at the same time.

None of the new bikes come with a display but there’s a mobile app available (Zehus Bitride Connect) that gives you access to a variety of important features, including riding data, battery status, and more.

If you opt for the CS-1E model, you get what the manufacturer describes as a virtually maintenance-free e-bike, thanks to the Gates Belt drive, which is quiet, oil-free, and highly efficient.

All four e-bikes feature a Brooks saddle and hydraulic brakes, except for the CR-7E Randonneur, which comes with Juin Tech Hybrid hydraulic/mechanical ones.

The most affordable model is the CS-1E single speed, priced at €2,400 (around $2,560). The CG-7E and CL-7E will set you back €2,500 ($2,667), while the Randonneur will cost you €2,800 (close to $3,000). You can find them all on the Cooper Bikes website.

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