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Mercedes To Use Snapdragon Digital Chassis Solutions for Its Upcoming Vehicles

Technology is advancing faster than ever; you either keep up the pace or get left behind. From brand new phones seemingly every day, to brand new cars with brand new features…you get the point. All these innovations are more and more interconnected, and Qualcomm is one of the companies enabling that.
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MBUX HyperscreenMBUX HyperscreenMBUX HyperscreenMBUX HyperscreenMBUX Hyperscreen
Qualcomm is the world’s “leading wireless tech innovator” and a top player in the semiconductor space, powering 29% of the smartphones on the market in Q2 2022. Even though it’s a top dog in the mobile space, in recent years, the company has managed to diversify its business beyond mobile devices, wearables, and connectivity solutions.

The Snapdragon Digital Chassis, combined with our relationships with automakers, has resulted in a $30 billion design-win pipeline,” the company recently stated. Not too bad, considering it was operating at a loss in the 90s. But back to those automakers…

In order to equip its vehicles with the latest and greatest digital capabilities, Mercedes-Benz will work with Qualcomm to leverage the chip maker’s “Digital Chassis” solutions. (Back in January, Honda, Renault, and Volvo did the same thing, followed by Stellantis in April.)

Mercedes will make use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms for its digital cockpits, as well as the Snapdragon Automotive Connectivity Platforms for its telematics systems in future vehicles.

For now, Qualcomm’s Digital Chassis is the only open, scalable, and upgradeable platform for new vehicles, so it’s no wonder so many carmakers are adopting it.

Our strong relationship is vital to guiding the automotive industry through a time of exceptional growth and technological disruption,” said Magnus Ostberg, chief software officer of Mercedes-Benz AG, about the company’s collaboration with Qualcomm.

Since virtually every new car has at least some digital elements these days, it’s safe to say that the chipmaker will probably continue stacking on many more collaborations in the automotive space. Because no carmaker will revert to old tech anytime soon.

Editor's note: The gallery features the MBUX Hyperscreen for illustration purposes.

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