McLaren P1 Plays the "Will It Fit?" Game against a Garbage Truck in Stockholm

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While we've complained about technological advances ruining the analog feel of our go-fast machines, there are many ways in which contemporary hypercars beat their forebearers when it comes to the overall driving experience and we're not talking about stuff like improvement in Nurburgring times here.
Instead, we're refering to the possibility of driving these beasts through the city - let's face it, not all hypercar owners wish or even afford to spend their entire time in a remote mansion away from the urban buzz.

Heck, if you take a speed demon from two decades ago and compare it to its modern reincarnation in terms of drivability, the difference will be nothing short of bewildering.

The latest example of how docile octane behemoths can become when neccesary comes from the McLaren P1 in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page.

The clip shows us the 904 hp (metric system fans should make that 917 PS) playing the tight-fit game against a team including a garbage truck and the city of Stockholm.

Fortunately, the Woking halo car finished the game without a single scratch, as you'll be able to notice in the clip - this doesn't even qualify as a spoiler, since it won't spare you of cringing while watching the video.

It wouldn't be difficult to point our finger at the driver for risking his P1's finish. However, we'll steer clear of this path, simply because we know supercars, even when you only drive them for a few days, can make you feel like you have... superpowers and thus determined one to take unnecessary risks.

We expect the guy behind the wheel of the P1 to know the difference between a reasonably tight fit such as the Lamborghini Aventador stunt you can see here and the adventure he engaged in, but the guy probably decided to move on anyway and we won't hold anything against him for it.

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