800 HP McLaren MP4-12C Is an "Old" Dog with New Tricks

With McLaren's latest contraption, the 688 MSO HS, packing 678 hp (metric system fans should make that 688 PS), when we came across an MP4-12C with 800 ponies, we simply had to zoom in on the thing.
800 HP McLaren 12C 6 photos
Photo: HyperCar Development
800 HP McLaren MP4-12C800 HP McLaren MP4-12C800 HP McLaren MP4-12C800 HP McLaren MP4-12C800 HP McLaren MP4-12C
This is one of the early cars Woking delivered after returning to the road car business back in 2011, but the awkwardly-named supercar has now been gifted with hypercar performance by... HypercarCar Development, a McLaren specialist based in North Carolina.

The Ricardo-supplied 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 occupying the middle section of the machine, along with the dual-clutch seven-speed transmission, have gone through various stages of modding before the machine reached its current form, which allows it to deliver 800, streetable horses. Come to think about it, that's quite a bit more than what the 3.8-liter unit delivers in P1 guise (727 hp or 737 PS).

And the piece of footage at the bottom of the page allows you to get a small taste of the pumped-up McLaren action. Don't worry, though, there will be more of this in the future and we're not just referring to the velocity beast presented in this clip.

You see, it was only a matter of time until McLarens joined Ferrari 458s, Lamborghini Gallardos and early R35 Nissan GT-Rs on the scene of supercars that get extreme tuning packages to stay fresh and still grab tons of attention, perhaps even more than they did when they were new.

After all, it's only natural for the McLaren tuning scene to be underdeveloped at the moment. But, as we mentioned above, Woking machines will get their fair share of mods. As far as the visual part of the adventure is concerned, we're still waiting to see the rendered Liberty Walk McLaren kit becoming Cars and Coffee reality and we'll return with fresh material for you as soon as this happens.

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