MB&F’s 10th Anniversary Timepiece Is a Table Robot Inspired by Star Wars’ R2-D2

We might be facing consumerism in its upmost glory today, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some high-end manufacturers out there that insist on creating rare and hand crafted goods marketed in limited editions. Luxury timepiece manufacturer MB&F could make as example for one of those brands, especially with their recently released table watch model that resembles a robot. It’s designer claims he got his inspiration from the robot companion Luke Skywalker had, the famous R2-D2. Of the Swiss timepiece maker founded by Maximilian Busser we’re pretty sure you have heard before, since their unique models are quite renown in the industry. Take the HM3 which features cones that respectively indicate hours and minutes, or the HM4, that features two perpendicular dials respectively indicating hours/minutes and power reserve set in a futuristic case resembling two jet turbine pods. Like most of their models are, their 10-year anniversary unique timepiece also has an entire story around it. The Geneva-based Horological lab created this robot-shaped table watch as part of a number of Anniversary Pieces which all will be released under the same theme: “A creative adult is a child who survived”. Named Melchior, it’s an impressive kinetic robot which was created in collaboration with L’Epee 1839. Built out of 480 components
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Photo: MB&F
MB&F’s Melchior table clockMB&F’s Melchior table clockMB&F’s Melchior table clockMB&F’s Melchior table clockMB&F’s Melchior table clockMB&F’s Melchior table clock
Built out of 480 components, the mechanical table clock has a smart steel and brass armor, enigmatic glint in its eyes, animated brain and muscular, articulated arms - the right one packing a rocket launcher while the left holds a Gatling gun. Yet, this piece of craftsmanship is more than just a memory of childhood that should protect you from Darth Vader, as it also is a high-end clock featuring jumping hours, sweeping minutes, double retrograde seconds and a 40-day power reserve.

According to the company’s press release you can consult below, Melchior is the brainchild of the company’s founder who claims it represents a childhood dream.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, man’s best friend was his robot. As a 10-year old fan of Star Wars, I knew Luke Skywalker could never have prevailed had it not been for droids like R2-D2 - loyal, resourceful and brave robot who was always saving his friends. As an only child, I imagined having my own robot companion...Melchior makes that childhood fantasy a reality,” Busser said.

Limited to 99 units

A combination of fixed vents and revolving discs, both bearing radial propeller motifs, makes the robot-clock seem like it’s blinking. Further animation is provided by the regulator, its gentle beating and intricate composition made visible thanks to its polished glass dome cover.

Every little detail was carefully thought off and nothing comes randomly. His steel upper arms rotate and his lower arms pivot up or down, excellent manoeuvrability for aiming his rocket launcher or Gatling gun to blast away the bad guys. However, his gun in fact detaches and doubles as the winding/setting key for the movement.

Limited to 99 units, Melchior is available in a monochromatic “light” edition or a two-tone “dark and light” edition featuring back PVD-treated components. Still no word on the price yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

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