The Anti-Apple Watch Turns Your Phone Into an Accessory, It’s Built for Aviators

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Photo: Breitling
Ever since the idea of a smart watch has popped into gizmo developers’ minds, the prestigious luxury timepiece makers in the industry have been cooking something. Some of them were simply approaching this whole deal with subtle nuances of despise. Others, however, have been staying busy planning a clever way to turn this whole deal in their own interest.
Of the Swiss luxury watch makers Breitling we are more than certain you have already heard. It turns out they are among those who have decided to join the IT companies in creating their own version of what everybody calls a smart watch. The main difference, however, is that they believe watches need to be envisioned as work of arts, they have to be truly capable to impress with the technology. Alas, their new B55 Connected is using the smartphone as an accessory to the watch and not the other way around.

Put it this way, the watch is filled with sensors and ground-breaking aviation technology but it uses the phone to get them out. It uses a smartphone app to operate the watch.

Other than that, everything is different to the smart watches currently on the market. First of all, the company is focusing on their core market which is the aviation industry. Features such as setting alarms, switching time zones, adjusting display and operating parameters, activating night mode and uploading chronograph records to the handset are among these specifics.

It's the ultimate pilot's gizmo

The list then continues with an electronic tachometer, a countdown/countup system, mission elapsed time and the ability to record flight details like take-off time, landing time and date. Further aeronautical time functions add to these, while the company’s elegant styling was not ignored.

Designed with a look that combines both analog and digital, according to the company’s press release you can consult below, the B55 Connected is based on Breitling’s Caliber B50 design with “thermocompensated superquartz” movement. Everything we’ve listed above is housed inside a titanium case with black carbon-based coating and a cambered sapphire crystal watch face.

Prices are yet to be announced, but judging by the range of these watches we’re quite sure these puppies won’t come cheap.

Take this Apple!

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