M340i Vs. G63 Vs. RSQ3 Vs. T-Roc R Race Has Genuinely Surprising Conclusion

You couldn't have gathered a more diverse group of cars even if you tried, with only the Volkswagen T-Roc R and the Audi RSQ3 being part of roughly the same market segment.
BMW M340i vs AMG G63 v Audi RSQ3 vs VW T-Roc R drag race 1 photo
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Anything else about any of the four, however, is completely different. For one thing, there are no two cars with the same number of cylinders. The Mercedes-AMG gets the mandatory 4.0-liter V8 developing 585 hp for the G63, which is by far the largest amount among its contenders for the day.

Behind it comes, somewhat surprisingly, the RSQ3 with a not so bad 400 hp from Audi's classic five-cylinder 2.5-liter turbocharged unit, the engine used by the Ingolstadt outfit for the lower end models in its RS range before receiving the V8 upgrade. Weighing in at 3,747 lbs (1,700 kg), it's not even that heavy compared to the rest of the bunch with only the T-Roc cutting it short by just 286 lbs (130 kg).

Third in terms of power is the BMW M340i. Like the Audi, it gets the brand's signature engine, the 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six delivering 374 hp in this iteration. With only 110 lbs (50 kg) over the Audi, the contest between these two should be pretty evenly matched, especially since the Bimmer also has the xDrive all-wheel-drive system.

Finally, we come to seemingly the biggest misfit, the Volkswagen T-Roc R. While the other three at least have the fact they're part of the premium segment to share with each other, the T-Roc is like the loud-mouthed party crasher dressed in track pants and a tank top. However, with 300 hp out of its four-cylinder engine and the lowest weight of them all, the Volkswagen might just be able to put its money where its loudmouth is once the race is underway.

It'll be quite difficult not to spoil the result if we're to talk about what happened, so skip this part before watching the clip if you enjoy being surprised. So, here's the result we were expecting: despite its weight and brick shape, we expected the sheer power of the AMG to triumph. Then, the numbers pointed toward the Audi edging in front of the BMW with more power and less weight. Finally, the T-Roc was always going to come last and it was just a matter of margins. We were wrong on all accounts.

If anything, this race shows two things: one, the BMW M Sport models may not be fully-fledged M models, but they are not to be trifled with; second, you just can't beat physics that easily when you're trying to pick up speed from a standstill in the enormous G63. Which brings us to the second part of the clip: the rolling start.

Things don't change that much at the top and only the T-Roc R and the RSQ3 shift positions once Audi's awful launch system is taken out of the equation. The BMW does best in both rolling start scenarios (with the cars in their natural setups) with the G63 trailing in the first run and putting on a brave fight for first spot in the second one.

Anyway, that's enough talk from us so here's the clip. Enjoy.

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