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Lyons’ Fantasy 1,700 HP Hypercar Did Show Up in NY, But Remains Covered Due to “Damage”

Until the 2015 New York Auto Show, America didn’t have an 1,700 HP hypercar whose every electrical connection happens wireless. Well, guess what, the auto show will end, but we still won’t get such a car. Unless the thing hiding under the covers you see above magically holds such technology.
Lyons LM2 hypercar 4 photos
Lyons 1,700 HP LM2Lyons 1,700 HP LM2Lyons 1,700 HP LM2
As a short recap, we have to remind you a start-up called Lyons Motor Cars promised the Big Apple event will bring us something called LM2 Streamliner. Something that would deliver on the amazing promises stated above.

You see, Lyons announced the LM2 would make its debut in New York and subsequently cancelled the Press Days appearance of the so-called hypercar.

They did promise the machine would show up for the public days though. Well, as you can see thanks to Reddit user MrFishpaw, the thing has popped at the event, but it remains under wraps. When the man asked about the reason for behind the Batman cape on the car, he was told it was covered up due to “damage”.

A brief visit on Lyons Motor Car’s Facebook page does bring us an image of the unveiled car, but it’s not like this manages to show anything relevant. However, the Facebook post does read “Lyons Motor Car 1700 HP LM2 Streamliner the most anticipated car at New York International auto is on display now out performing all other cars in popularity.”

We have to admit one thing - with Kevin Lyons being a designer and kit car producer and rumors such as Nelson Racing Engines building the 8.2-liter biturbo heart of the beast, some may have felt for it.

Nevertheless, such claims are pretty hard to believe after so many years of such promises remaining unfulfilled. We’ve literally lost count of all the worldwide companies that claim to put a Veyron to shame and turn up delivering smoke and mirrors instead. Oh how we wish these words will be proven wrong one day...


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