Luxury Automakers - Stop Trying to Copy the Germans

The two best and most appreciated (and mainstream) luxury automakers are Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and everybody else is trying to a certain extent to steal the formula for what makes them so successful. Lexus is doing it, so is Infiniti, and, more recently, Cadillac.
Citroen C6 8 photos
Photo: Albert S. Bite via Flickr
Citroen C6Citroen C6Citroen C6Citroen C6Citroen C6Citroen C6Citroen C6
However, while the Germans may make some fine machines, they don’t really appeal to everybody, as they all pretty much look the same and strive to be comfortable, sporty, spacious, efficient, fun to drive, good-looking and imposing. But are these qualities that we really look for in a luxury car?

Where does this obsession for making all cars sporty arise from? It seems that one of the few manufacturers to get the luxury car formula right in recent years is Citroen, with their stunning C6, a very slow-selling car with a lot of appeal for people who genuinely want to feel 'special' and ‘presidential’ while at the ‘helm’ of their vehicles.

We know that most people discredit the C6, and point to its poor sales, so as to suggest it is a bad car - it isn’t. It is a rather expensive vehicle, built to a very high standard by a manufacturer who knows better than any other how to make a comfortable car. We are not going to bore you with styling details, as the photos illustrate the point perfectly, but it is worth mentioning that for sheer comfort and ‘non-Germanic’ style, it is one of the only options.

Sadly, once it is replaced by the DS9 concept-derivative (an aggressive and imposing car), it will truly be the end of an era for Citroen, as the C6 is the last of its kind, and once it is phased out (probably next year), the automotive world will have lost the last true exponents of proper and utterly-French car design. It is also one of the last two cars to have Citroen’s best known feature - the Hydractive suspension, which is only available on the C5 (as an option) and the C6.
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