LiveWire S2 Mulholland Is the Electric Performance Cruiser You Might Have Been Waiting For

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LiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 MulhollandLiveWire S2 Mulholland
Not long ago, Harley-Davidson made an attempt to get a foothold in the electric motorcycle segment as the first company of its size to do so. The effort manifested itself first as a motorcycle called LiveWire, but the thing failed to impress both in terms of specs and usability, so the Milwaukee higher-ups quickly discarded it.
The LiveWire name, however, did not die out. Noticing how the public would rather go for electric motorcycles made by startups than the giants of the industry, Harley quickly spun the bike off into a separate brand. That happened in 2022, and LiveWire has been around around ever since, selling electric motorcycles.

Until this week, the company's lineup was comprised of just two model families: the One (the successor of the initial LiveWire motorcycle) and the S2 Del Mar, the first model made by the new brand.

Whereas the One was offered in a single version (and it still is, as it continues to be available), the Del Mar came in two versions, the standard one and the LE. From now on, however, you can make that three motorcycles, after the Mulholland joined the range.

The bike is described as all-new, and a "shift in design at LiveWire as the company has reimagined the profile and silhouette of the motorcycle—traditionally informed by the gas tank—while also using sustainable materials in key components for the first time."

The ride is, first and foremost, a performance cruiser powered by an electric drivetrain, which is not all that different from the other examples of the S2 Del Mar Family. That translates into a battery pack rated at 10.5 kWh that can hold enough electricity to cover a distance of 121 miles (194 km) while in the city or just 73 miles (117 km) when going at higher speeds on the highway.

The battery can be charged with the same tools deployed on the rest of the S2 Del Mar range from either Level 1 or Level 2 chargers. Filling the pack with electricity from 20 percent until it reaches 80 percent capacity takes anywhere between one hour and 18 minutes and almost six hours, depending on the tech used.

LiveWire S2 Mulholland
Photo: LiveWire
The electric motor that pushed the motorcycle down the road can accelerate it from a standstill to sixty in 3.3 seconds. The unit develops a total of 84 horsepower and 194 ft-lb of torque, and it uses them all to achieve that performance.

Despite using the standard S2 platform, the Mulholland is described as "efforts unseen in this category." That includes using CAP Hemp bio-composite for the bodywork (the two fenders, for instance), PCR Nylon 6 recycled from fishing nets for the radiator shroud and wiring caddies, and petroleum-free silicone for the seat (you know, instead of leather or vinyl).

Design-wise, the model does set itself apart from the others in the range. Unlike the other two S2s, this one doesn't emphasize as much the body element that in normal motorcycles forms the fuel tank. Then, the brake lines and wiring harness are exposed, something LiveWire believes will create a closer connection between the bike and the rider.

A riser has been fitted up front to give the rider a more suitable position for this kind of motorcycle. It's rather larger, measuring six inches, moving the handlebars higher and further back and forcing the human controlling the bike into a more upright position.

The motorcycle rides on a set of wheels that measure 19 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear. They are both shod in Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart IV tires. With all this package on, the bike tips the scales at 432 pounds (196 kg).

The LiveWire S2 Mulholland is already available for purchase, but for the rest of the year it will only be offered in the American and Canadian markets. An expansion into other markets is planned for 2025.

LiveWire S2 Mulholland
Photo: LiveWire
LiveWire offers only one color for the bike, Liquid Black (with black or red acccents), but an unpainted version, something called Lunar White, is also on the table for those wishing to make their Mulholland even more eco-friendly.

The company is asking $15,999 for the motorcycle in the U.S., placing the model smackdown between the standard and LE versions of the S2 Del Mar. And just like the other two, it too is cheaper than the LiveWire One.

The above number is just the starting price, as the company promises a flood of accessories for it coming our way. Over the next two quarters of the year, the list of extras that can be fitted will include passenger seats and pegs, windscreens, soft and hard bags, luggage racks, and cosmetic pieces whose nature was not disclosed, but promise to "further add to the unique riding experience and visual appeal of S2 Mulholland."

Until you get a chance to visit a LiveWire rep near you, you can enjoy what the Mulholland is all about in both the attached gallery and the video below.

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