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Lexus Will Follow Their Design Path, Regardless What People Think

If you're familiar with Lexus and their approach to design, we have no doubt that you noticed how the brand's styling cues went from up on the aggressivity scale. Some say it's for the best while some argue against that, but Lexus couldn't care less.
Lexus LF-SA Concept 1 photo
Let me put it like this: Lexus cares about customers, but Toyota's luxury arm won't try to please everyone. It all started one month ago, in Geneva, when Lexus unveiled the bold-looking LF-SA concept.

As you know by now, the prototype looked ready to eat some German metal, and we have live pictures from Geneva to prove that. Leaving the dramatic atmosphere aside, the styling cues adopted by Lexus on the LF-SA were enough to split the public in half.

Luckily for us, Lexus' European chief Alain Uyttenhoven threw some light on the matter and revealed the company's design philosophy. Speaking to Autocar, Uyttenhoven explained he believes Lexus is 25 years old now and managed stirred away from puberty to become an 'adult' company.

“What we’ve decided is that because we are the challenger, we have to be different. We have to be distinctive, be bold and produce cars that don’t look like the other offerings in the segment. What we know, from customer clinics, is that our design polarises at the moment. And we want that," explained the Lexus boss.

In other words, Lexus will not bow down to critics and will continue to do their thing' in terms of trying to please a small group of potential buyers instead of trying to make everyone happy. Which kind of makes sense if you think about the fact that there will always be voices of disapproval no matter what decision one carmaker takes.

Uyttenhoven goes on by saying that the company is not chasing 50% market share but will rather settle for "single-digit percentages of the premium market". Our ears are already hearing Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off' lyrics. Yeah, the ones involving haters...


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