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Artisan Spirits Work Their Black Label Magic On the Lexus NX

In case you’ve got a big crush on Japanese rides, skip this intro because chances are, you already know what Artisan Spirits are all about. If not, stick around and see what they can do with a Lexus NX.
Lexus NX Black Label 10 photos
Lexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black LabelLexus NX Black Label
Artisan Spirits are responsible for making a lot of Lexus and Toyota models look way better than they did in stock guises. Whether it’s the Lexus LFA, the Lexus LS or the RX SUV, Artisan Spirits’ approach has always been a combo of sportiness, a pinch of aggression and a lot of style.

In other words, nothing too exaggerated or flashy, but enough to capture your attention and turn a lot of heads. However, enhanced performance is not something you normally get from Artisan Spirits which means we’ll have to focus on visual upgrades.

In this respect, the Japanese tuner is offering a new front splitter that can be installed onto all NX versions. The component is painted to match the SUV’s body color, is dominated by vertical LED daytime running lights and is followed by a set of side skirts 15 mm (0.6 in) lower than the standard ones.

And while we’re at it, you should know that Artisan Spirits is also offering customized license plate frames, muscular wheel arches and black alloy wheels incorporating a chrome outer rim. Anyway, the body kit continues at the rear with not one, but two spoilers: a discrete tailgate one and another one sitting on the roof edge. You know, because they can.

We're giving this tuning example the thumbs up but we're also curious about what you think about it. Let us know in the comments section below if your choice is yay or nay.


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