Leaving A Realistic Dummy In Your Car Is Not How You Do The Mannequin Challenge

Realistic CPR Mannequin left in parked car in Hudson, NY 4 photos
Photo: Hudson Police Department
Realistic CPR Mannequin left in parked car in Hudson, NYRealistic CPR Mannequin left in parked car in Hudson, NYRealistic CPR Mannequin left in parked car in Hudson, NY
These days, the Internet is going crazy with a new viral video trend, which is called the “mannequin challenge.”
If you have no idea what that is, we are happy for you, but you might need to know a few things about this silly trend that will fade out soon. We hope it disappears as soon as possible, but we are also aware that it will be replaced by something dumber.

Regardless, the mannequin challenge is when a group of people remain still while someone else is walking among them and filming the entire scene.

As you all know, stores have mannequins for clothes, and medical personnel has the same kind of dummy that they use for training purposes. It appears that a company makes a CPR dummy which is so well executed that it can be confused for a real human. Evidently, it does not breathe, blink, or do anything else to mimic life, but it looks real when people see it in a parked car.

The Hudson Police Department of New York discovered this after breaking into a Subaru that was parked on the side of a street. The officers were alerted by a pedestrian who called them to inform the emergency services about an old woman that was locked in a parked car. The victim was standing perfectly still, just like in the mannequin challenge, so the police intervened as soon as they could.

Upon breaking the window of the said Subaru Outback, the officers discovered that the “old lady,” was placed on the passenger’s seat, was not actually human. Instead, it was a mannequin that was used for CPR. It was so life-like that somebody thought it was a real person, and the placement in the vehicle led to the same perception problem, Wesh notes.

The owner of the vehicle quickly arrived at the scene, and reports say that the citizen was obviously upset because the car window had been broken. A discussion with police officers revealed that the person was a representative for a company that manufactured CPR mannequins, and the “elderly woman” was used as a demonstrator for CPR training.

Police officers asked drivers to be careful how they place things like these in their cars. Furthermore, the Hudson Police Department’s representatives stated that they would continue to break car windows if they suspect humans or animals inside are in life-threatening situations.
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