Latest Rivian App Update Confirms the Winch, It's an Optional Extra

Yes, the winch has not been forgotten. Rivian promised one, but we’ve never heard anything about it since last year. Now it appears out of nowhere after an app update. If you want it on your own EV truck, here’s what you have to do now.
Rivian R1T's Winch 6 photos
Rivian's Winch on the R1TRivian's Winch on the R1T as Seen in the AppThe Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and PolestarThe Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and PolestarThe Rivian R1T - the love child of Subaru and Polestar
The Rivian R1T is gaining a lot of momentum and popularity. The all-electric truck is making the pre-order holders happy now. They’ve waited a long time, but now they’re able to enjoy all this vehicle has to offer. But the American manufacturer is not done yet!

If you didn’t find out yet, Rivian is targeting people that are passionate about having an outdoor lifestyle. That’s why they’re offering a bunch of accessories like a door-integrated flashlight, a removable speaker, and a gear tunnel that can accommodate a whole kitchen with the stove and sink included. There's also enough storage in the front trunk and the back (if you pick a tonneau cover) and large battery packs that guarantee a good range. They’re also investing in remote charging locations, but that’s another thing entirely.

The good news right now is that there's also a firm confirmation for the winch. We haven't heard anything about it since September last year! If you want a truck that's as expensive as this R1T, then you'd like the versatility it should entail in its entirety. What's even better than the fact that Rivian brought this accessory back is that it looks great on the truck. The automaker didn't go for a cheaper solution. It didn't compromise.

If you’re wondering if asking for the winch to be installed from the factory might delay the delivery of your R1T, then don’t worry. The entire system will be available later this year for everyone that wants it on their EV trucks. Multiple Rivian guides have already confirmed the installation will be possible with a kit, eliminating any concerns regarding the need for factory input.

If you want to see the winch for yourself, then make sure your Rivian App is updated to the latest 1.3.1 version. If it’s not changing by itself, you have to open the App Store and do it yourself manually. The rendering of the winch is included in the accessories category. If it’s not yet visible, then it’ll be unlocked very soon. The controls for the winch are also already included in the app, but they’re not yet visible. Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation that Android users can see the winch, too, for now.


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