Lamborghini Murcielago with Veneno Body Kit Does Cosplay for Tokyo Halloween Run

Lamborghini Halloween Run in Tokyo 7 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Lamborghini Halloween Run in Tokyo 2016Lamborghini Halloween Run in Tokyo 2016Lamborghini Halloween Run in Tokyo 2016Lamborghini Halloween Run in Tokyo 2016Lamborghini Halloween Run in Tokyo 2016Lamborghini Halloween Run in Tokyo 2016
Over the years, we've gotten a little tired of all the Halloween stories that show up around this time of the year, which is why we're bringing you less and less of this mwahaha-themed tales.
However, we're here to give you one that simply can't be ignored. Why? It's all simple really, since this piece of adventure shows a Lamborghini Halloween run in Tokyo.

Now, Raging Bulls are already some of the most extreme-looking supercars on the planet, but, as you can expect, the way in which some Japanese owners tune decorate their velocity tools goes way beyond anything you've seen rolling off the Sant'Agata Factory Gates.

And while we've featured a part of the cars seen here in some of our past stories, nothing can prepare one for seeing all these LED-gifted Lambos driving through Japan's capital city together.

The V10- and V12-animated convoy's attention magnet aura doesn't just come from the tons of LEDs displayed by these supercars, though. Instead, we're dealing with body kits that act huge splitters.

No, not aerodynamic elements, but opinions splitters: we're pretty sure that, while some gearheads will drool over the kind of Lambo customisation seen here, others would fly to Tokyo and finance a hammer just to remove these body kits with their own hands - the Murcielago wearing a Veneno-imitating body kit, which you can see in the pic above, might just be the strongest example of this.

Interestingly, this group of Lambos seems to mix a few kits that look more like DIY jobs than anything else with pieces coming from big names of the aftermarket industry, such as Liberty Walk.

As for the cosplay part of the title above, you should take this the literal way - whether they were men or women, some of the Lamborghini drivers in this look-at-me parade went for special costumes.

However, you shouldn't imagine that Japanese car aficionados sit around and drive overly flashy Lamborghinis all day long. Sometimes they go to the track and enjoy drifting Dodge vans - here's a Dajiban example for you.

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