Kendall Jenner Drives a smart Car in France

When it comes the famous Kardashian family, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is their all-time favorite car, but we might be in for a surprise as Kendall Kardashian/ Jenner could be shaking things up from a car point-of view.
Kendall Jenner Drives a Smart 1 photo
Being quite successful with her modeling career, the 18 year-old celebrity has been constantly traveling. It seems that she took to Paris and from the looks of it, had a bit of a crush on a much smaller vehicle, an all-white smart.

Kendal took a photo of the said car and posted the picture on her Instagram account called "kendalljenner", along with the comment “today's whip.” We didn’t really see this one coming as all of the Kardashian sisters seem to have a thing for the G-Wagon and certainly not a petite smart.

Still, we’re talking about Kendall, the family’s newest fashion trend setter, therefore we could be seeing a change. It could be that she took a liking to the Parisian vibe and understood that  a big SUV such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class isn’t exactly too fashion-appropriate. Concerning the smart, even if we’re talking about a small vehicle, it does fit in the French scenery as it is pretty chic and stylish. Whatever might be the case, it’s still a change even if we’re talking about a small one.


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