Jay Leno Unveils First All-Denim Automobile: Funny or Die

The Jay Leno 501 1 photo
Photo: Funny or Die
Throughout his television career with the NBC, Jay Leno was always wearing a decent tuxedo, it was only during his off-camera time that the comedian would take on something more comfortable. Even so, he managed to turn an ensemble of jeans and a denim button-down shirt into his personal trademark.
And the way the television host dressed throughout his career is the topic of this funny two-minute video made by the folks over at Funny or Die. They’ve associated the driver’s clothes with the type of vehicle one would drive, and since Leno is the Denim-man, he’s driving...well, he’s driving a Denim Car.

The doors zip to open while Jay Leno himself has personally worn every piece of denim of this car. Sure, the whole clip is a joke meant to prank on the celebrity’s fashion style, so it should be taken as such. The hilarious tale goes on with the so-called seatbelt and the fact that the auto runs on liquid soap, thus keeping things nice and clean for the environment.

Now, we’ll let you discover the rest of the story and instead talk about Leno’s collaboration with the comedy video website and film/TV production company. Should we expect further funny automotive clips like the one in question in the future? Not necessarily, considering many clips on the site feature well-known actors without having to be a long-term collaboration.

We would like to mention we find their approach to comedy quite interesting. In case you haven’t heard, videos on their website are voted on by users; those that are deemed funny stay, while those that are not “die” and are relegated to the site’s “crypt”. So here we are, asking ourselves whether or not Jay Leno’s little gig here will or not “die”. What do you guys think?
Jay Leno's Denim Car from Funny Or Die
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