Roger's Honest Ad Explains How Insurance Companies Are Fooling Us

Back in August, this old guy named Roger appeared in a video called "If Car Commercials Were Honest", where he explains why buying a car is really dangerous for your financial wellbeing. It only got about 700k views, which by Youtube standards isn't a lot.
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Reaction videos where people randomly grope each other on the street get a lot more attention. But we like to think the autoevolution crew is a refined bunch, even though we can't spell good… well.

Roger is back with another honest ad of unquestionable quality, where he reminds us insurance is just as bad as auto repair. We take the fact that auto insurance is mandatory for granted. Why? Because it's the law.

Oh, sure, the regulators had the right idea when they created the system. But the reality most of us live with is that insurance is like a really stupid tax for which you get nearly nothing in return.

And if, God forbid, something was to happen to your car, the insurer might decide to charge you extra because you are a liability. That's like going to a restaurant and paying more if you want to eat.

Yeah, these robbers in suits will give you some money back after you've regularly paid it to them as required by the law. But you're not really keeping anything in your pocket because it all goes to the car repairs.

Roger is also right on the money when pointing out that these companies show non-threatening, diverse representatives to comfort you into giving them money. Will a talking hamster work? It should since there's already a talking gecko lizard.

I don't want to sound like a communist or anything, but if car insurance is mandatory by law, why don't we make one government organization that handles all the fees instead of all there small sharks nibble at our wallets? And while we're at it, let' sell cars over the Internet, just like phones and televisions. Pretty soon, they'll all run on electricity anyway!

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