"If Car Commercial Were Honest" Clip Is What We Call Funny and Sad Because It's True

Buying a car is not an easy decision, and with the sea of models and makes available these days, it can consume your time and energy pretty fast.
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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Also, with so many commercials out there trying to win you over, talking about how X model from Y carmaker is better than Z model and so on, who knows what to think anymore?

There's a solution for that, called a test drive, and that's what car websites do in order to help you with your choice.

However, some people know how to look at both the bright and the dark side of the matter, while wrapping everything in a funny speech from someone who plays the honest car salesman.

So, what you're going to see and hear in the video below will merely reveal the awful truth: dealerships, carmakers and anyone trying to sell you a car is only interested in your money.

Sure, you'll have to take the entire video with a pinch of salt but we find it hilarious. Also, it has a Ford Mustang as a secondary "character", so it receives points for coolness because you know, American muscle-cars.

Just in case you're in the middle of a car acquisition process, please watch the video after you bought the vehicle because if you do it now, you'll probably end up even more confused than you already are.

Or you could play it cool, and naturally think a car is just a modern means of transportation, only expected to take passengers from A to B.

So, head to the video below and let the charismatic but cheeky salesman get you on a trip to Honesty Land using a monologue that will keep you entertained for three full minutes.

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