Almost 14 Minutes of what Can Only Be Described as "Gymkhana with a Funny Script"

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There are a lot of clips out there with drifting cars, and even some with motorcycles going sideways, but very few of them actually make you laugh. Sure, there's the occasional gorilla-suited man that falls off the ladder, but that's just a giggle.
This clip, however, is funny in the way very few comedies you see on the silver screen these days are. It's ridiculous, it's offensive, it's clever and it's totally not safe for work. So stop working for nearly 14 minutes and watch it.

You get the feeling there was a nice little budget behind this short film. Sure, a few GoPros can do wonders these days, but there's more than that here. There's a script (alright, not much of it), a director (Matthew Brown Sanders) and an editor (again, Matthew Brown Sanders), and some actors/drifters (Dan Brockett, Dax Shepard and Michaela Hajkova).

Of course, just like Gymkhana and most other great short clips out there, it's a sponsored flick. This one has backing from Icon Motorsports, but don't expect any product placement or obtrusive interventions like you get in big dollar movies - no, it's just the logo at the beginning, and then we're off.

After starting in the dusty Mexican desert, the clip takes our two main protagonists (via a bumpy ride in the back boot of a BMW) all the way to the flash streets of Miami. This is where it all gets a bit fast and furious, but with fewer wheels (the two are on bikes and even if there's a trike that looks like a future version of the Morgan 3 Wheeler - we're guessing it's a Higgins-Aubé Energya -, they're still a few wheels short). Chaos doesn't even begin to describe it.

Without spoiling the fun, we do get treated to a three-way drift battle in the end between two motorcycles and a 1,500 hp Ford Mustang on track. Who wins? The simple answer is "we do". If not for anything else, at least for getting to hear "brochachos" once again. Enjoy.

PS: This is the fourth installment of the series. For more laughs, check out the other three.

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