Jaguar F-Utility Coupe Is a Three-Door SUV We’d Like to See Become Reality

Jaguar F-UC 3 photos
Photo: Theophilus Chin
Jaguar F-UCJaguar F-UC
Even though I’m not a fan of Jaguar in particular, I can’t deny that I absolutely love their latest models. The F-Type is the one car I’d buy in a heartbeat, the XE might give the 3 Series a run for its money, while the F-Pace is just the best looking SUV of the moment (if you ask me).
That’s probably why I didn’t look away as soon as I saw what Theophilus Chin put together in the photos below, as they are absolutely making sense to me right now. This is the one SUV that looks good in three-door guise.

That statement is not to steal any of Range Rover Evoque’s thunder, but if you’re being honest with yourself, doesn’t the Jaguar F-UC make more sense? Doesn’t it look better? To me, it definitely does.

What I can’t really stand behind right now, though, is the name Theophilus chose for his creation. I mean, the thing is one "K" away from total failure. You’re better off using its full name, F-Utility Coupe, because this is exactly what the car is.

It’s a sort of crossover, a mix between the high ground clearance of an SUV and the style of a Coupe, also reminding us of another controversial model, the BMW X6, the only Sport Activity Coupe in the world until last year.

The F-Pace wouldn’t be a direct rival of the Bavarian, though, since it is considerably smaller in size. The one to challenge directly from the Germans’ camp is the X3 and, to be honest, there are some compelling facts working in favor of the Briton in this case.

Getting back to the matter at hand, I’d definitely go for the Jaguar F-Utility Coupe, but I’d only have it in S guise, fitted with a proper 3-liter supercharged V6 making 380 HP. No 2-liter diesel nonsense here!
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