Is the Toyota Supra Better than the BMW M2, Porsche Cayman T and Alpine A110?

If you've come here looking for a clear answer to the question above, you'll be disappointed. There is no winner between the Toyota Supra, BMW's M2 Competition, the Alpine A110 and Porsche's recently launched 718 Cayman T. They all offer slightly different things, and it's up to you to decide which is best.
Is the Toyota Supra Better than the BMW M2, Porsche Cayman T and Alpine A110? 1 photo
Photo: YouTube screenshot/Autocar
This review from the UK's Autocar magazine is more of an appreciation for what great sports cars we have this year. Track performance or straight-line acceleration aren't factors here.

Instead, it's more about how they make you feel or which one fits better into everyday life. The Porsche Cayman is the obvious benchmark here, despite the fact that four-cylinder turbocharged engines aren't that great.

The model seen in the video is the new Cayman T, which has a 2-liter making 300 horsepower. It's slightly stripped out, lowered and features an engaging manual gearbox, something the Toyota Supra desperately needed. However, the T doesn't excite you in the same way as a GT4; nothing does.

The M2 Competition is the muscle car of the group, stable, tough and with an abundance of power thanks to its bi-turbo 3-liter which is borrowed from the M3 and delivers 410 HP. But while BMW added an extra layer of precision, it's still no Porsche, and living with it every day is not ideal.

For novelty, you can't quite beat the Alpine A110. Unlike the others, it's built around a bespoke aluminum platform and powered by a 1.8-liter at the back. While not quite as raw as the Alfa Romeo 4C, it still doesn't have that many convenience features. Perhaps the biggest problem is that its DCT gearbox isn't up to the job.

The same thing can be said about the ZF 8-speed in the Supra. However, this is the least irritating to live with. The European model only offers 340 HP from BMW's 3-liter, and it's also not the sort of machine you want to enjoy at its limits.

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