INEOS Will Have Up to 3 New Grenadier Models to Offer Soon, Here's What We Know

A former Marketing Director at Bentley and with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mark Tennant was excited to be part of the team that developed the spiritual successor to the Defender, as he calls the INEOS Grenadier. Marking the Grenadier's release, we had a long and interesting discussion that allowed us to learn more about INEOS Automotive's ambitious plans.
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Three projects have already received the green light. The first is the INEOS Grenadier fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), which will be available from 2030-2032, the second the INEOS Grenadier pickup, which will be presented this summer, and the third an off-roader smaller than the Grenadier, but with completely electric propulsion, scheduled for release in 2026. There will be two more models in addition to the Grenadiers, but, for now, he could not disclose more details regarding them.

INEOS tested a full electric Grenadier prototype, but the vehicle proved to be too heavy. Mark Tennant says that was the moment when they decided to use a fuel cell system, so INEOS signed a partnership agreement with Hyundai in order to use Hyundai's fuel cell technology. And we all know the company has plenty of fuel for such a system.

As a reminder, the larger INEOS Group produces 400,000 tons (almost 882 million pounds) of hydrogen annually for various applications. Mark Tennant says that “INEOS could be part of the solution (in reference to the fuel itself, author's note), but cannot be the solution (referring to the station network author's note).” Therefore, he believes that the INEOS Grenadier fuel cell will not be released before 2030-2032, with this also depending on the infrastructure development. We also learned an INEOS Grenadier FCEV concept is due to be showcased this summer.

Another important novelty will be the pickup version of the Grenadier. It will feature four doors and four full-size seats, as well as a longer wheelbase than the off-road version. INEOS wanted to provide the same interior space in the pickup as in the off-roader, so it increased the wheelbase to accommodate the bed. Thus, the Grenadier pickup will have a length of about 5.3 - 5.4 meters (208.66 - 212.59 inches). The car will be unveiled this summer, with the same inline-six engines from BMW as on the existing range.

INEOS Grenadier Fuel\-cell
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We asked Mark Tennant if this is an appropriate time to release a pickup, given the pollution regulations and the evolution of the market. He said that in 2017, when the decision to produce a lifestyle pickup was made, the market was in a completely different state. At that time, there were various such models available, and Mercedes had just released the X-Class, including in a V6 engine-powered version. However not Europe, but Australia, South Africa, and the U.S. will make up the main market for pickups.

Due to its larger size and the reinforcements required in the load area, the Grenadier pickup will weigh more than the 2.7 and 2.8 tons (5,952 and 6172 pounds) of the gasoline and diesel off-road versions, respectively. Therefore, the payload will not exceed 600 - 650 kilograms (1,323 - 1,433 pounds), as there would not be much room to maneuver left up to the 3.5 tons (7,716 pounds) allowed by law.

Third on the list is the off-roader smaller than the Grenadier, with completely electric propulsion, which will arrive sooner than the others. Mark Tennant says that it will not be much smaller, so we can expect a mid-sized off-roader, around 4.5 - 4.6 meters (177.16 - 181.1 inches), while the Grenadier is almost 4.9 meters (193 inches) long.

Mark Tennant said that the production plan features about 35,000 units per year manufactured over two shifts at the former Mercedes factory in Hambach, France. In case of higher demand, production can be expanded to three shifts, but currently, the main focus is to ensure the best possible manufacturing quality.

INEOS Grenadier Pick\-up
Photo: Razvan Magureanu
Normally, INEOS is profitable with these production figures, but Mark believes that, in the long run, a carmaker cannot reach sustainable profitability with just one model. This is why he states that INEOS has two more models planned besides the Grenadier pickup and the smaller electric off-roader.

At the moment, INEOS is assembling the smart fortwo for Mercedes at the Hambach factory until 2024. Once the smart fortwo production line becomes vacant next year, it can be used for the production of the future electric SUV.

Mark adds that INEOS had a huge opportunity to acquire an almost brand-new factory. Mercedes had invested 450 million euros (about 483 million USD) in the Hambach factory to produce the electric Mercedes EQA and EQB models after the production of smart would have ceased. However, they later expanded their production lines in Hungary and no longer needed this factory. This decision came after they had already built a brand new body shop and paint shop.

"Taking over the Mercedes factory in Hambach allowed us to release the Grenadier sooner. 1,300 people work in Hambach, while the total number of INEOS Automotive employees falls under 2,000."

The main markets for Grenadier are U.K. and Germany, and the launch in the U.S. will follow in July 2023. The success in Europe depends on future pollution regulations. INEOS tries to avoid high penalties by offering in Europe the N1 version with 2 and 5 seats and a rear window. In France, for example, INEOS will only sell the N1 version.

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