Incredibly Bright and Luminous Tiny Reveals a Lavish Loft Bedroom

Epona boasts two glass doors, one at each end 26 photos
Photo: Baluchon
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Baluchon is not just another tiny house builder. Every home it delivers has a distinct personality and story, just like the owner. The gorgeous Epona was meant to maximize natural light and to create an ultra-cozy, fairytale-like haven for a single owner (who loves horse riding) and her cat.
You won't find a single Baluchon tiny home that doesn't flaunt a decorative, carefully crafted exterior. Each of these models looks like a gem born to sparkle in a natural environment, showcasing the finest woodwork and an impressive attention to detail. Epona is only six meters long (19.6 feet), yet it is well-configured and packed with modern appliances. It's perfect for her owner, Charlotte, to live comfortably year-round together with her pet cat.

Epona is, above all, remarkably luminous and airy, which creates the illusion of wider space and enhances the connection with nature. It replaced the conventional front door with an oversized glass door at one end. From the outside, it almost looks like a glass wall from the ceiling to the floor. Inside, together with the large windows on one side, it blurs the line between the outdoor and the indoor.

Thanks to this unusual setup, Epona's living room becomes an indoor/outdoor space, always bathed in natural light and delighting guests with stunning panoramic views. A large sofa and a custom-made coffee table create an intimate and stylish décor. There's no separation between this area of the house and the kitchen. In fact, the countertop extension doubling as a breakfast bar adds a third function to this area, that of a dining room.

Epona Tiny House
Photo: Baluchon
Instead of creating a rigid separation between three separate rooms, the Epona tiny brings them all together. The result is a warm and welcoming ambiance, plus higher versatility than what you'd expect. The lovely dining nook can be used as an extra seating arrangement for the living room when entertaining guests and can also transform into a practical home office for the owner. It serves multiple purposes, and due to this interconnection, it saves a lot of space.

The kitchen is typical for this French brand. It's a harmonious mix of rustic design based on refined woodwork with premium appliances. The beautiful, large countertop is made of oak, like most of the furniture pieces throughout the home. The cabinets underneath are painted in a light and warm shade of green that matches the staircase.

This staircase doubles as a convenient storage area for the kitchen, including a large compartment for the fridge. Instead of bulky overhead cabinets, Epona reveals delicate open shelves that almost seem weightless – the perfect complement to the home's minimalistic design and supreme luminosity.

Epona Tiny House
Photo: Baluchon
Epona's bathroom also displays the signature Baluchon style. It combines the look of a traditional wooden sauna with the functionality of a contemporary bathroom with a large shower and an eco-friendly toilet. It also feels very well organized, mostly due to the separate storage compartments and the dainty metallic shelves that also add a stylish touch.

Surprisingly, you'll find that this rustic home on wheels boasts a second door at the opposite end. This is a simple glass door that leads to a unique storage room. It's one of Epona's custom features, a room that was specifically added for Charlotte's horse riding equipment, with separate access for extra convenience and for keeping the rest of the house clean and clutter-free. Plus, this rear entrance also provides access for the owner's cat through an electronic cat door with automatic access – another modern addition to a rustic setup.

Upstairs, Epona reveals an unexpectedly lavish bedroom. It's not your typical loft room with minimal space and numerous restrictions. The entire space boasts a 3.5-meter length (21.3 feet), which is unusual for tiny homes. An ultra-comfy two-person bed is strategically placed between two large windows. The additional space can be used for adding a second two-person bed, making Epona's accommodation capacity very generous.

Epona Tiny House
Photo: Baluchon
If a second bed isn't necessary, all that space can be turned into a chic loft lounge (perfect for private relaxation) or used for additional storage. At the other end of the bedroom, the team at Baluchon added a beautiful custom-made item. It's a surprisingly large closet, more than 2 meters long (6.5 feet), that can be used as a bookcase and personalized with various decorative items.

This atypical loft configuration results in an upstairs sanctuary that is much more than a basic sleeping area. It's truly spacious, comfortable, and just as luminous as the main floor area. It turns the Epona home on wheels into a remarkably lavish abode for a single owner. Plus, its versatility allows further customization, which is limited in the case of most tiny house loft bedrooms.

This beautiful custom French tiny blurs the lines between conventional rooms just as it does with the indoors and the natural surroundings. The clever layout maximizes spaciousness and natural light, and most of all, it creates the warm, cozy, and intimate atmosphere of a dream home.
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